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Introverts are people who don’t necessarily shut themselves in their home all the time, but shirk many social interactions. Being too social can be draining and that’s not what introverts are all about.

They’re a different breed for sure. These are 6 life struggles that only introverts really get.

1. You become invisible so fast.

You show up. Introductions. Grab beer. Exchange pleasantries. No longer have anything to say. Outside the circle. Standing alone.

Converse pleasantly with people walking by. Drink 6 more beers. Work up the gall to dance. Go home. That about wraps it up.

2. Throwing parties is the worst.

Surprise parties are scarier than The Walking Dead to you.

3. You feel lonely in big groups.

More so than at home by yourself. Like I said before, you tend to become invisible at parties. You know the worst thing about that is? You’re stuck there with nothing you enjoy anyway. It’s the worst.

4. People are totally exhausting.

After a big party, you need about 3 years by yourself before the next one. There’s a pretty big recharge time in there that’s totally necessary.

5. You stress about perfection.

Every word that leaves your face has to be perfect, so when you talk, you end up stressing out. If you stumble over words, it’s pretty much the worst.

6. Phone calls are the worst.

The only thing worse than a 30 second phone call is a phone call that lasts longer. The only thing that’s better than a 30 second phone call is a text. Or no one calling you.

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