Don’t Overthink Life

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1. The right people seem to appear in your life.

When you’ve found your calling, you enthusiastically approach every new day. As a result, instead of attracting all the wrong people, people that hold you back and hook you on the wrong things, you’ll find that the right people show up.

People who mentor you, help you grow, and connect you with the tools needed to reach your biggest goals.

2. Negative emotions don’t phase you.

You may have reason to feel anxiety and fear, but somehow those things don’t phase you. When you’re in your prime doing what you were meant to do, you don’t see fear as a problem, but as a question.

You don’t see anxiety as something that cripples you, but instead recognize it as an alert of sorts. Instead of receding at the sight of uncertainty, you face it head on.

3. You take better care of yourself.

When you’ve found your calling in life, you’re naturally drawn toward taking better care of yourself. In all likeliness, if you’ve found your calling, your health will naturally improve. Maybe you don’t even do it on purpose, but it often happens.

4. You seem to handle everything with ease.

No matter what the obstacle is, you seem to clear every one of them with a degree of ease. Life throws challenges and you deflect them. It’s great.

5. You have a sense that this is what you were born to do.

Don’t be intimidated by it. Roll with it! Each new day will be an exciting thing.

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