7 Reason Why Smart People Have A Harder Time Finding Love

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It seems love doesn’t always come easy for intelligent people. Here are seven reasons why smart people have a harder time finding love.

1. Romantic relationships just aren’t our top priority.

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Pexels / Adam Kontor
Pexels / Adam Kontor

We may want a relationship with another person, but that doesn’t mean we want to sacrifice any of our focus or energy that could be better put toward our work or achieving our goals.

We often have a lot going on in complicated careers or the pursuit of academia, and a relationship just isn’t all that conducive to our lifestyle.

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2. We’re more appealing based on intelligence than looks.

Smart people can be naturally good looking or beautiful, but we tend to spend less time worrying about our physical features than other things we deem more important.

We may not be so worried about make up or shaving or having the latest fashionable hair style.

We have a sort of hidden inner beauty that takes a little more coaxing to show itself at times.

3. Our intelligence is fulfilling enough by itself.

Smart people are often able to fill the void that so many fill with a relationship instead with academic or career achievements.

We’re able to stimulate ourselves and consider our intelligence reward enough on it’s own. Sometimes we don’t need much else.

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4. We’re looking for depth, not superficiality.

We don’t want one night stands and small talk. We need intriguing, unique interaction with people we can relate to.

We want to know right away if there is depth and substance to the person we’re interested in because frankly, we just don’t like wasting time.

5. We don’t beat around the bush.

People who know they’re smart tend to go into all debates well prepared and believing themselves to be in the right.

This can cause some problems in relationships since sometimes we lack tact and flexibility.

If you want to change our minds about something, you’ve got your work cut out for you.

6. Sometimes we’re just hard to understand.

Our brains are constantly firing at a fast pace. We can’t always successfully explain what we’re thinking or feeling.

We do our best to be understood, but sometimes communication just doesn’t come easy.

7. We’re not always detail oriented, and subtlety isn’t our forte.

We have a tendency to look at life in a “big picture” sort of way. Sometimes this makes it challenging for us to pick up on smaller cues or details that others want us to see.

We are not good at “getting the hint”, and we need you to be straight forward and downright blunt with us at times.

It may not feel like the most comfortable thing to do, but most of the time, we just need you to come right out and say it. No games.

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