Meet The Emergency Pallet Home. It Can Be Built In Less Than A Day With Just Basic Tools

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When we think about emergency housing in the wake of a natural disaster, your mind may go to trailers, tents, or even makeshift shacks.

While all reasonable solutions, the people at i-Beam Designs came up with an easy, inexpensive pallet-based emergency house. It can be built in a day with basic tools and without much construction experience.

You can upgrade the home by adding insulation, air conditioner, smoke detectors, or any other modern amenities.

These were originally designed as refugee shelters for people returning to Kosovo.

The homes actually come with an instruction manual, making it possible for people without any kind of building experience to construct the homes.

The homes are also modular, making them flexible and customizable.

The plans for these pallet homes can be purchased from their website for $75.

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