What Do Your Hands Reveal About Your Personality? The History Of Palmistry

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If you’ve ever heard about palmistry then you’ve probably looked at the lines on the palm of your hand more than once trying to decipher what each individual line could potentially mean about your personality type.

There are a lot of specific details that go into palmistry that can describe a completely different story than what you thought it might reveal about yourself.

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One of the biggest things that people underestimate about palmistry is how accurate the description can be in context to your personality.

If you are curious to see what the lines on your palm have to say, then continue reading on to figure out which type you belong too the most.

Elemental Air Palm Types:

Usually people who are under the influence of the air element have rectangular or square shaped palms with somewhat lengthy fingers attached. Having that said, their palms and fingers are relatively equal when actually measured.

People who are of the air element tend to be some of the most intellectual people that you could ever meet and it’s obvious as they are constantly deep in thought with themselves about the complexities of the world around.

They are also some of the best problem solvers to have around if you’re ever facing difficult moments in your life.

Elemental Water Palm Types:

Those who are under the influence of the element of water tend to have lithe and long fingers as well as sporting an oval shaped palm.

Even though people who relate to the element of water are often some of the most empathetic as well as highly creative beings that you could ever find, they also come with their fair share of errors.

Since they are so understanding of emotions and are able to pick up on whatever feelings others are exuding, their compassion, love, and natural ability to get along with just about anyone makes them vulnerable sometimes to the people around them.

Depending on who they are with, they can be your greatest asset in times of despair.

Elemental Earth Palm Types:

Individuals who are influenced by the element of earth have somewhat stubby or short fingers connected to their square-like palms. People who relate to the element of earth are usually some of the most realistic, practical, and reliable beings that you could have around.

They also prefer to be in relationships that are going to last a long time compared to short little meetings. However, since they are so able to naturally become consumed with whatever it is they are doing at the moment in time, they can demonstrate just how stubborn they can really be.

It’s also important to recognize their unending love for being in nature since that is the closest they can get to being connected to the earth as a whole.

Elemental Fire Palm Types:

Those who are under the influence of the element of fire tend to have longer palms then the other types as well as being rectangular. Regardless of how lengthy their palm may be, their fingers are rather short compared to the rest of their hand.

If you’ve ever encountered a person who is of the fire element you’d immediately recognize their spirit for adventure, their natural born instincts, and call to action whenever they can answer it.

These individuals are some of the most amazing leaders to have around especially if their is no one else to take the reigns on something.

Their passion for life is relentless as is their temper. Even though they are extremely adventurous they are also some of the most impatient of the other elements.

It’s important that you are able to decipher which kind of element type you belong too as well as what your palm type is in relation to these elements.

Look long and hard at the lines on your hand, see the story that is waiting for you to unravel, and let yourself become vulnerable to the potential that could be your future.

There is a lot about our anatomy that can define what is going to happen next, why not start with your hands?