These Illustrations Pefectly Show What It's Like To Have A Panic Attack

Anxiety disorders are a quickly growing concern as over forty million Americans find themselves in a fight to cope. Panic attacks effect a varying percentage of those diagnosed with anxiety.

It can creep up on a person and strike when they are waiting in line at the store, talking to their children's teachers, playing basketball or any other daily activity. Despite the growing influence, it isn't a openly discussed illness. As a result there are mainly cruel and unfair opinions.

Each person suffering a panic attack will want different things to soothe them. Listen to what they say and take them at face value. If they say they need something dumb, believe them, and help them get it!!

As it is entirely in the person's head, it's hard to relate to what they are going through. We've selected some illustrations that depict the quiet suffering of panic attacks.

It is such a powerful sensation, it feels like physical pain. You can't pinpoint an origin of all the awful sensations but the feeling dances all over you.


Shortly before or after the actual attack, feelings of elevated and persistent depression invade the mind and soul. Anxiety and depression go hand in hand together.


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