Parents Share The Chilling Things Their Kids Have Said And They Might Be Psychic

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If you don’t know where you stand on the paranormal, you might end up believing in ghosts after reading these stories. There’s a reason horror movies often depict children as the first targets of possessions.

Blame it on their ability to see beyond or their still innocent minds, but when you kid accurately describes your childhood stories that your dead grandmother is telling them, what are you supposed to think?

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Hello From The Other Side

There’s no way to read this and not experience chills. The odds of the timing of the kid saying hello and his aunt passing at the same time is too slim.

The only explanation that makes sense is that she wanted to say goodbye on the way out.

Gone But Present

We’re unsure whether we find this endearing or creepy. In a way, it’s really sweet to think that even after she passed, grandma still found a way to tell stories to her grandkids.

Then there’s the idea that these toddlers were sitting around talking to a ghost every night.

The Life That Came Before

There are many who believe in the process of reincarnation. Depending on the version, the idea is that even you die, your soul is then reborn in another body.

That would mean that you have various past lives, as the kid seems to be suggesting here.

From Far, Far Away

Unless Lisa’s name was mentioned around the toddler, there is no way she could’ve known it along with her age otherwise.

Plus, it seems strangely specific to describe that she was playing with her in the sandbox. The icing on the cake is having a toddler explain that she’s from “far, far away.”

Who Is This Man

The freaky thing about this is trying to figure out if this man is a nice ghost or killer ghost. They always start just by watching, until you wake up one day with the sheets on the ground.

Then, it quickly escalates with doors slamming in your face and things falling.

A Final Goodbye

Imagine being the parent and hearing this story upon coming back from the hospital, unsure how to break the news to their little girl.

Now she’ll remember him forever through that stuffed dog.

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The Youngest Tour Guide

At five years old you can barely read, let alone memorize historical and geographical facts to give a whole tour.

There’s no way he would have been able to correct the tour guide unless someone was truly feeding him the information.

Rules Still Apply

You know how you still have weird rules you follow today just because they were ingrained in you growing up? It’s like you’re secretly still worried about your parents’ disapproval if you eat dessert before dinner.

Grandpa had his way of making sure all his rules were still enforced, even after he passed.

Eddie Still Lingered

According to ghosts common knowledge, if they die at a certain age, they live as that ghost age forever and never actually grow up.

That would mean that it doesn’t matter how long ago Edward passed, he would always be three years old.

A Chance To See His Grandfather

The confusing part here is that ghosts aren’t sick anymore even if that’s what caused their passing.

That would mean that if grandpa wanted to appear, he wouldn’t have to do it from a hospital bed.

For Kids Only

These stories seem to indicate that somewhere along the line as we grow up, we lose our ability to communicate with the world beyond us.

Maybe we become too conditioned into believing it doesn’t exist, so we don’t open ourselves up to see it.

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In Another Life

The creepiest part in this story is that both the mom and her daughter shared the experience at the same time.

Maybe mom could have shaken her vision away, if her daughter hadn’t pointed out that she went ‘backwards” into her pat life.

Grandpa’s Favorite Forever

This is one of the only stories on here that could easily have been attributed to passing of information.

Kids are great listeners and will surprise you with what information they pick up on just from being around.

Dogs Are Like Babies Too

Dogs are very similar to babies in a lot of ways. Not only in their dependence on adults for survival but with their innocent blank slated minds.

This can give them the ability to see what we can’t. Not to mention, all their senses tend to be much heightened.

The Cycle Of Life

Another belief of reincarnation is that souls can be transferred from one death to a birth if they happen closely together. This means that even if a loved one passes, they have a way of continuing their relationship with you through another body.

Are chills running up your spine yet?

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