5 Signs Your Partner Has No Respect For You

Losing Respect For You

How do you tell the difference between a rocky patch in a relationship and a relationship that just isn't working? Everything may have seemed great at first but after a while the true colors will always come out. As things slide away from what you want, watch out for these tell tale signs of disrespect.

Communicate your concerns and needs with your partner. Approach them in a respectful and patient manner (even if they are not doing so).

If your partner consistently disrespects you and makes no effort to change for the better, then you should consider getting out.

You deserve someone who cares, someone who supports you and respects you. Respect is a cornerstone of compassion and love, without it positivity will not be nourished.

They Always Have To Have Everything Their Way

Compromise is a crucial element of any relationship, especially romantic ones. Compromise takes understanding and respect.

If they can't acknowledge your needs then it shows how much they respect you. Bring to their attention your feelings and what they are doing.

It's okay to struggle to express those needs, but you need to in order to keep the relationship alive. For some tools and professional advice on how to keep your relationship alive, click here and watch this free video from relationship expert, Amy North.

Your Partner Makes No Effort To Be Nice

Through love and respect, even the hardest truths can be expressed kindly and productively.

If your partner makes no effort to be supportive or kind then it shows exactly how much they love you. If someone truly loves another person, they make a sincere effort to make them feel great and treat them with compassion.

They Disrespect Your Friends Or Family

The other people in your life are there for a reason or because they are your family. These people are the core of your life and support.

Your partner should be trying to integrate with them as they are a part of your life. They don't have to best friends with everyone you like, but disrespect towards them, is equivalent to disrespect to you.

Your Partner Is Very Critical And Judgmental Of You

Nothing is good enough and they don't appreciate or acknowledge your efforts. They are constantly bringing up mistakes or flaws, not forgiving or forgetting.

These actions aren't conducive towards a productive and long-lasting relationship.

It's OK if they get mad because mistakes happen, or point out something you could be doing better, but it should be done in the interest of improvement, not belittlement.

They Refuse To Listen

When you speak, do they listen to what you're saying? Do they participate in the conversation adding their own perspective and thoughts?

Or are they simply waiting for the conversation to be over so they can do something else or talk about their interests.

Being open and present with our partner is one of the greatest gifts we can give. Refusing to do this consistently, without a doubt means they don't truly love and respect you.

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