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4 Distinct Signs You've Met Someone From A Previous Life

Chances are this has happened to you already. Meeting someone from your past life can be a very confusing and overwhelming experience. It isn't something that most of us are mentally prepared to handle on an average day.

Below are common elements to consider when meeting someone from your past life. Keep these in mind and be careful. Meeting someone from your past life is like drawing a wild card. It could be good, bad, informative or destructive. Trust your intuition and gut feeling!

There Is Recognition In Their Eyes

You aren't sure what is going on, but you know it is strange and real. When you look into their eyes, you simply know, beyond all doubt that they are experiencing and thinking the same thing. Don't dismiss such a strong feeling from your intuition so lightly. They probably look familiar or sounded similar. Stay open to the experience.

You Feel Instant, Intense Emotions

The visitor from your past will inspire sudden and strong emotions in you. What you feel will depend on how the two of you knew each other and split ways. A negative feeling may mean that you were betrayed or disappointed. A positive feeling may mean that you were good friends, family, or lovers. Trust in whatever emotion you feel first. Don't let them turn you against your own emotions.

Flash Backs

Memories or visions may come to you. �Flash backs don't always happen when you first meet. In fact, they aren't always complete accounts when they do appear. Be careful with these memories, you can't be sure who they belong to. Trust your initial gut feeling and emotional response.

Your Bond Is Almost Telepathic

You probably won't be reading each other's minds, but there is a unmistakable connection between you. You both have knowledge on what the other is thinking or feeling. Even after the two of you split ways, you will be aware of the visitor and may be able to predict their actions.

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