Discover Which Zodiac Sign You Were In A Past Life

Pisces Past Life:

If you were born as a Pisces in this life, then you were definitely an Aquarius in your past life.

You were very much a happy person who was able to live by their own rules and not ever really having to worry about what might happen next.

Since you've seen all that there is to see, you now want to make more spiritual connections to the beings around you.

There is something that has been lacking this entire time and it's the piece of the soul you've been longing for since forever.

You wish to heal all that has been wounded because you already know what that kind of suffering is like. Your journey begins now as a Pisces to mend the tortured souls that have been awaiting someone like you for years.

Capricorn Past Life:

Being born a Capricorn in this life means that you had all the makings of a Sagittarius in your previous life.

Of course, you had a lot of fun exploring every mystery that came your way, overcoming every single obstacle that was put before you, and seeing all that there was to be seen, you are now ready to take responsibility and make something of your career as a Capricorn.

You have all the experience in the world to propel your forward in the right direction, you just have to follow your gut instincts.

No longer wandering, you are someone who is devoted to getting the job done and you're going to get it done right the first time.

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