Past, Present And Future Exist Simultaneously With No Beginning Or End, According To Science

Nothing lasts forever. At least, that’s the way humans have been taught to think about time and space. We live our life trying to leave yesterday in the past, live for today, and remain unknowing to what our futures hold in store for us.

But, what if we’ve got it all wrong? It turns out there’s no such thing as a “past”, a “present”, or a “future” but a continuum that we may just not have the capacity to understand. This is the new way science is looking at time.

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A New Theory That Changes Everything

A new theory, known as the “block universe” theory, challenges everything we’ve ever been taught about time. For as long as humans can recall, we have believed that time flows like a river. Our brain views our life with a past, present, and future.

A blackboard with science theories scribbled on it.
Dan Cristian Padure / Unsplash
Dan Cristian Padure / Unsplash

It appears that we’ve all been fooled, and instead of understanding time as before and after, we should be looking at it the same way we understand space: stretched out in different directions. Philosophers and Physicians are now exploring the concept of time as being “ever-present”. This would mean that our concept of time is simply human-made to understand reality, and merely an illusion.