Past, Present And Future Exist Simultaneously With No Beginning Or End, According To Science

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Nothing lasts forever. At least, that’s the way humans have been taught to think about time and space. We live our life trying to leave yesterday in the past, live for today, and remain unknowing to what our futures hold in store for us.

But, what if we’ve got it all wrong? It turns out there’s no such thing as a “past”, a “present”, or a “future” but a continuum that we may just not have the capacity to understand. This is the new way science is looking at time.

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A New Theory That Changes Everything

A new theory, known as the “block universe” theory, challenges everything we’ve ever been taught about time. For as long as humans can recall, we have believed that time flows like a river. Our brain views our life with a past, present, and future.

A blackboard with science theories scribbled on it.
Dan Cristian Padure / Unsplash
Dan Cristian Padure / Unsplash

It appears that we’ve all been fooled, and instead of understanding time as before and after, we should be looking at it the same way we understand space: stretched out in different directions. Philosophers and Physicians are now exploring the concept of time as being “ever-present”. This would mean that our concept of time is simply human-made to understand reality, and merely an illusion.

It’s All An Illusion

Albert Einstein is believed to be one of history’s greatest scientists, and his theory on the cosmos explains that “The distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.”

A plastic model of Albert Einstein.
Andrew George / Unsplash
Andrew George / Unsplash

In 1915, Einstein developed a theory that combined the perception of space and time, stating that they create a four-dimensional vector space, known as “block theory.” What this means is that time is ultimately intertwined with space and outstretched into an infinite, never-ending blanket. It doesn’t have a beginning or end.

A Constant State Of Flow

Philosophy professor Dr. Skow takes a modern-day look on Einstein’s theory of relativity, affirming with many other professionals that space-time occurs differently than we understand it. We think of our days as complete every time we go to sleep, but the reality is that everything we experience continues to show up and exist in different moments of our life.

One ball on a Pendulum pulled to the side.
Pixabay / Pexels
Pixabay / Pexels

Astrologers propose that the sun bends time with the use of gravity. So, instead of time travelling in a straight line, it truly keeps going round and round. It never stops, pauses, or starts again, but: it just keeps going! Time is in a constant state of flow, as we should be.

The Possibility Of Time Travel

Looking at time the way Einstein and Dr. Skow believe it to occur comments on the possibility for time travel. Up until now, the idea that humans can travel back centuries in history or towards the future has been speculated and experimented, but is now deemed impossible.

A woman walking on a street with blurred people scurrying past.
Rodrigo Gonzalez / Unsplash
Rodrigo Gonzalez / Unsplash

If time is continuous, humans could not create “grandfather paradoxes”, which present the idea that if we go back in time and kill our grandparents, we can’t exist. Since we have no past, but an ever-present moment, there is no map of time that we can jump to and alter. Everything is connected beyond us, to the point where our own existence is entirely dependent on this knot.

The Big Bang’s Mirror Universe

The universe has many secrets that humans have yet to discover, but Dr. Julian Barbour and accompanying astrologers have revealed a new idea. The Big Bang said to have brought humans to life, also created what’s known as a mirror universe.

A bright orange galaxy in a deep black sky.
Bryan Goff / Unsplash
Bryan Goff / Unsplash

In this galaxy, humans experience time backwards. Starting from death and then existing as an elder, declining to their birth. If the possibility to live your life from finish to start doesn’t prove that the universe has a pre-determined plan for us all, what does?

Looking At Time In A New Way

Entropy, which is found in human bodies, computers, and time, is the chaos in a system that causes everything to come to an end and fall apart. This is the very thing that supposedly proves that humans and engines cannot live forever and that time eventually stops.

A sandglass sitting in a blue lit room.
Ron Lach / Pexels
Ron Lach / Pexels

But, Physicians have started to look at time in a new way. By analyzing time through gravity, science has concluded that it might actually be possible to mirror it, changing the course of life as we know it.

Moral Dillemas

The new perspective of time as never-ending but always continuing demonstrates a philosophical problem. If the moment we are living in right now will never end, and there is no future to look forward to, how could evolution ever be possible?

The stages of human evolution shown in front of a modern-day city.
Eugene Zhyvchik / Unsplash
Eugene Zhyvchik / Unsplash

The thought of human nature remaining exactly as it is today may leave some people to see life as pointless with no room for improvement. However, perhaps there is a hidden lesson here: we must live in the moment and stop worrying about what we left behind and what we will encounter. This should encourage us to live in a state of flow and acceptance.

What Does This Mean For Us?

So, it seems that we’ve been envisioning our life journey all wrong. There’s no linear path that we must follow because instead, we’re moving in circles. And: we’ll never run out of time, because time will never end. That means that we have the power to make of this moment whatever we want it to be, without the weight of past baggage of fear of the future.

Galaxies swirling in space.
Alazar Kassahun / Unsplash
Alazar Kassahun / Unsplash

This discovery may sound scary, but it’s comforting to know that humans are both permanent and fleeting. The moments, people, and feelings we encounter are both forever-long and already over. That means you should take risks, as big as they may seem because the only moment that truly matters is the one right now.

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