5 Things Emotionally Intelligent People Never Do

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Emotions are a natural part of life. Some people, however, let their emotions rule them, which isn’t a terribly healthy thing to do.

There are 5 things emotionally intelligent people never do.

1. They don’t let the outside world influence their feelings.

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Pexels / Andrea Piacquadio
Pexels / Andrea Piacquadio

It’s a hard thing to do and it takes plenty of practice to achieve. Emotionally smart people never allow external factors to influence their internal feelings.

They do their best to make sure they are calling the shots when it comes to their feelings.

2. They don’t rely on others to be happy.

Emotionally intelligent people create their own happiness, because like sturdy emotions, they come from within. T

hey don’t expect anyone or anything else to make them happy. It’s up to them.

3. They get that their emotions are only a reaction.

Emotions aren’t reality. They are reactions that our brains create. It’s important, then, that we don’t let emotions control our realities.

4. They choose the thoughts they have.

They don’t let external factors decide their thoughts for them or put thoughts into their heads. They are independent people and independent thinkers as a result.

5. They keep their distance.

Emotionally intelligent people don’t make new friends very easily simply because they can’t really deal with taking on the BS of a bunch of new people all the time.

They let friends in when they’ve been thoroughly vetted.

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