Seeing Unhealthy Patterns In Your Family

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There comes a point in our lives where we have to decide if this specific family member is worth sticking our necks out for in the end game of our happiness as well as their own happiness.

There also may come a time where you are too torn to decide on what you should do since this person just so happens to be apart of your family.

Unfortunately, what it boils down to is that you are going to have to make a decision that is based around your own happiness.

If you find yourself not enjoying your time with your loved ones and they just can’t seem to pull it together for the sake of their own family or themselves, then you might have to make a pretty critical decision that will change both of your lives together.

It is hard dealing with negative family members, but you must remember these five elements when it comes to dealing with them.

1. Forgiveness

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When you are dealing with a negative person in your family, it can prove to be very difficult for you to let things go. However, letting things go not only for just for them but for yourself can prove to be a very freeing sensation.

Forgiving them of all of the negative things they have done in your life and then forgiving yourself for not being able to help them control those things.

You do not have to carry so much weight all by yourself and as much as you would love to help them, there may not be any other way to help at all. So shed the stress of guilt.

2. A Hard Lesson