People Are Discovering They’re Colorblind From A Viral Video, Can You Tell The Colors Apart?

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What if you’ve been seeing the world with all the wrong colors this whole time? We’re not talking about the rose-colored tainted glasses that everyone should occasionally put on to remain in a state of gratitude and optimism. We mean the literal colors of your field of vision. Remember the big debate.

Different rods and cones react to different wavelengths, or colors, of light. When light hits the rods and cones, they send electrical signals to let the brain know what they are looking at. However, some people hold a visual impairment that isn’t talked about enough. Thanks to a recent viral, many are realizing they’ve actually been color blind this whole time. Are you one of them?

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What Is Being Colorblind?

A lot of people are colorblind even though it’s not commonly discussed. Being color blind means that you see colors differently than most people. It’s hard to tell certain colors apart with color blindness. There is usually no cure for this condition that often runs in families. However today they have special glasses and lenses that can help.

ed-office-yellow-school color dsplay
Pixabay / Pexels
Pixabay / Pexels

The most common form of color blindness is red and green colors. It doesn’t mean that these colors get mixed up but rather those with this type of color blindness mix up the colors that have some green or red in them. For example, they will mix up blue and purple because they can’t see the “red” tone in purple.

Many Don’t Know They Are Colorblind

A lot of people might not even know that they are colorblind. Yet, most people with a moderate form of red/green color blindness will only be able to accurately identify 5 or so colored pencils from a standard box of 24 pencil crayons.

Alexander Grey / Pexels
Alexander Grey / Pexels

In fact, almost half of all color blind people are unaware of their condition. This causes 60 % of them problems in their everyday life because even though they see clearly, they’re not able to tell certain colors apart.

How One Man Found Out

This man was one of those who had no that they couldn’t see colors like most. Thanks to a video recorded by @socialistlyawkward, a whole bunch of people on the community of TikTok also found out along with him.

socialistlyawkward / Tiktok
socialistlyawkward / Tiktok

In the video, a woman Lindsay Van Allen talks to her husband while he paints a wall green over brown. As he goes over the wall with the paint roller, he tells his wife that he’s having a hard time distinguishing between the paint colors.

“They are very close to the same color, and I’m having a hard time telling what I’ve painted,” he tells her.

Brown Or Green?

The wife begins to probe her husband asking him: “those look the same to you.” The husband is confused, even wondering if his wife is playing a trick on him, he asks her surprised: “they don’t look the same to you”? According to her husband, green and brown don’t just look the same, they are the same.

What about you, can you see the colors painted on the wall? You would be surprised how many people couldn’t, and perhaps you are one of them.

More Common Than You Would Think

Seeing these colors mixed up is more common than you might think. When it comes to being able to distinguish reds, blues, and greens, a lot of people aren’t able to do so.

man painting wall green and smilling
socialistlyawkward / Tiktok
socialistlyawkward / Tiktok

With the red/green form of color blindness, color spectrum issues affecting not just reds and greens but oranges, browns, purples, pinks, and greys as well. Even black can be confused with dark green or dark blue.

This Is How Many Found Out

This video has gone viral because of how many people related to it. It was also a moment of revelation with many TikTok users finding out they are color blind as they watched the video, completely unaware previously.

arrow pointing at line on the wall

User kayabosma said: “I have the same thing as him, I thought at first we were talking about the green and white, I didn’t see the other one.”

In extremely rare cases, some color blind people can’t any color at all. They see only black, white, and shades of gray. This condition is known as achromatopsia.

An Eye Opening Moment

While there is unfortunately no cure or treatment for inherited color blindness currently, there are color fitters in contact lenses that can be used to enhance the brightness between colors.


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Justin Skapczynski’s went through his whole childhood not being able to see color properly until he put on some glasses that would allow him to see color.

What he thought were regular sunglasses at first, ended up giving him an entirely new perspective:” When I saw how bright my pants were, I was shocked. I couldn’t believe that’s what they really looked like,” he said in an interview adding: “I love wearing them outside and seeing how green the trees really are. It’s incredible.”

Test Yourself!

1. Top Left Corner: If you have normal color vision, you see a 42. Red color blind people see a 2. Green color blind people see a 4.

color blindness test with numbers and colors

2. Top Right Corner: If you have normal color vision, you see a 73. If you are color blind, you do not see a number.

3. Bottom Left Corner: If you have normal color vision, you see a 74. If you are red/green color blind, you see a 21. If you are totally color blind, you do not see a number.

4. Bottom Right Corner: If you have normal color vision, you see a 26. If you are red color blind, you see a 6. If you’re only mildly red color blind, you also see a faint 2. If you are green color blind, you see a 2. If you’re mildly green color blind, you also see a faint 6.

The Power Of Perception

We each have our unique way of seeing the world. We may not have control over all the colors that we’re capable of processing. Yet, the power of perception gives you the ability to choose what you see, and what you focus on.

close-up-photo-of-person-s GREEN-eye
Wendel Moretti / Pexels
Wendel Moretti / Pexels

In life, you will be dealt good and bad cards, but it’s up to you to keep a positive outlook to get you through both and keep you motivated to achieve what others perceive as impossible.

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