5 Types Of People You Need To Avoid

As you locate people in your life that can no longer be allowed to influence you, there will be resistance. Not only from the person but you may surprise yourself by defending these people.

We are all brothers and sisters, it can be hard to always see them as the threat they are. It can be all too easy to over empathize and justify their feelings and actions.

Any productive and wholesome action or feeling never has to be justified. Remember this as you read on. Don't let anyone trick you into eating the bullshit that they have to consume. Do what is right by you. It can seem cruel, but it is the only way to ensure that your journey stays productive and capable.

To help weed through the masses, we have gathered the garden variety of toxic people. These people CAN NOT be allowed to clog you up, slow you down or hurt you.

Jealous People Are Not Good For You

You have to be looking after your business and personal matters, you are the only one with the knowledge, right and ability to make the best possible life for yourself. The same is true for anyone you know.

If you notice that someone is neglecting their needs or miss handling resources, mainly because they are creepily interested in your business, they need to go. They are likely falling farther and farther from their path and as the fall the instinct is to grab whatever they can to save themselves. Don't be that life line.

Anyone Who Gossips

Ugh, this one shouldn't even be hard to evict, these personality types are just awful and nearly painful to be around. In a petty way, there is a fleeting sense of superiority that can be found in gossiping. No one is a better person after exaggerating the business of another when the subject isn't around to defend their name or image.

Don't get wrapped up in the sickly addiction of propagating rumors. Something to consider if leaving your local gossip is proving to be difficult (you big softy, you), I have never met a rumor mill that shut down. I mean to say they are ALWAYS running their mouth. As soon as you step out of earshot, you are likely the subject of discussion and judgement.

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