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9 Things Only Quiet People Will Understand

It's easy to forget how diverse people can be in their development and expression of themselves. There are general social archetypes to help us analyze and connect with each other.

When talking to someone who is on the farthest, opposite side of the psychological scale, it can be inherently difficult to relate to them.

We use ourselves as a template for understanding and relating to others. The better we know and acknowledge aspects of our own formations, the better we connect and understand others.

I'm a pretty good definition of an extravert and have difficulty understanding and relating to introverts. This is a common issue, as introverts are surrounded by misconceptions.

Below is a list of reminders, to help communicate and relate with introverted, or quiet individuals. Keep these in mind and try to let go of old perceptions.

Each person is unique and in one way or another breaks out of the statistical bell curve. Ask questions, be respectful, use common sense and don't be quick to judge.

1. My stillness is because I have nothing to contribute to the silence.

2. We are great team members. Strong enough to stand alone, we are great social support 'beams'. Our ego's won't get in the way of achieving the goal.

3. We are not comfortable around everyone and take extreme care in choosing our friends.

4. There is purpose behind our actions. We don't do anything for no reason, or to impress others.

5. While we avoid the spotlight, at our discretion we will show off our skills and thoughts.

6. While our mouth isn't moving, our minds are moving a mile a minute. The main reason we are quiet? Our energy is going into daydreams, life problems, or analyzing others.

7. Sometimes we need someone to pull us out of our head! You have to be a trusted and liked person to do this, otherwise it'll be viewed as an attack. If you know us well, please save us from ourselves every so often.

8. We are great active listeners. We will actually pay attention to you as you vent.

9. If we want companionship, we'll seek it out. Otherwise, leave us to our own devices!

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