5 Things To Always Avoid To Achieve Success

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I think we all want to be successful in our respective career paths, whether you’re a farmer, businesswoman, or musician. But people inside and outside of our professional lives demand a lot of us.

It’s just the way life is. If you want to be a truly successful person, there are 5 questions you’re going to want to say no to.

1. Taking on other people’s responsibilities.

A man laying his head on his arms, which are on a table.
Pexels / Andrew Neel
Pexels / Andrew Neel

“Hey, could you…” It’s a question you probably hear at work a lot. When it comes to supporting your coworkers and business partners, it’s a good idea to hear them out.

But if they’re trying to delegate major parts of their work out to you, not only are you allocating your time to something that isn’t yours, but you may not receive credit for doing their work.

On the other hand, if you did a crummy job because you were overextended, who would get the blame?