These Stories Of The Most Intimate Moments Complete Strangers Shared Show The Intensity Of The Human Connection

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If you think about all your most treasured friendships and relationships outside your immediate family, they started out as two strangers, meeting, connecting and making the choice to share their lives together. It’s crazy looking back at how meeting someone ended up completely changing and impacting your life.

They say people come in and out of your life for a reason and sometimes they’re meant to meet for just an instant and that alone is enough to change their lives. The following are the stories of strangers who met for just a brief moment but left enough of a mark to remember each other forever, proving that the human connection is powerful beyond compare.

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Every End Is A Beginning

dog jumps in park to reach man's lifted arm

Luna Love / Unsplash

Luna Love / Unsplash

“On my dog’s last day, I took him for one final walk at the local dog park. He was a big guy, 135 pounds of pure love. The first thing I saw as we began our walk was an older lady with a tiny little dog that was not even the size of Rocco’s head. Of course, Rocco went on his way to say hello and I called out to reassure the woman that he was very gentle. She smiled and replied she wasn’t worried.As our dogs got to know each other we started chatting and she commented on what a beautiful, wonderful dog Rocco was. I thanked her and told her that sadly it was his last day and I had to put him to sleep later on that day. She immediately burst into tears and looked at me with such compassion and asked if she could hug me. I agreed and we were both in tears.

Afterward, she told me that she knew how much a dog could make a difference in your life and that just two weeks prior her husband had passed away and she didn’t know how she would have got through it all without her dog. At this point, I was crying again and I asked if I could give her a hug. So there we stood, two complete strangers, hugging and crying. I will never forget that woman and the genuine love and compassion she showed me when I needed it the most.” – UncausedShadow / Reddit

Reuniting A Mother With Her Lost Son

fedex employee standing by truck and smiling

Victória Kubiaki / Unsplash

Victória Kubiaki / Unsplash

“I was living in Houston and working at a FedEx Kinkos when Hurricane Katrina happened. An older woman came in a with a photo of her son who was missing that she wanted to post online. She had no idea how to really use a computer and certainly no idea how to scan and upload a photo. We were way backed up on the in-house side of things, so I set her up at a self-service computer and did it all myself. I scanned and burned her a copy of the photo, uploaded it online to where she wanted and walked her through everything I did in case she found other places to post the photo. She was immensely grateful.

Roughly two months later, she came in and brought her son because he wanted to thank me for helping his mom find him. We hugged. I cried. Most intimate stranger moment of my life.” – mizmac85 / Reddit

The Human Connection Transcends Cultures

mom holding toddler on a plane

Paul Hanoaka / Unsplash

Paul Hanoaka / Unsplash

“Was flying back to the states from Europe. It was about a 14-hour flight. I have health problems and toward the end of the flight, I got very sick. Had a very high fever and shakes. My boyfriend was to my left, an empty seat to my right, and next to that seat was a Middle-Aged Muslim woman who was wearing the full headscarf. I was getting so sick that I couldn’t hold my head up anymore so I kinda started to lay down on the empty seat. My boyfriend covered me with his blanket and mine. Anyone who has used an airplane blanket knows it’s basically a sheet.

You know why this woman does? Without any communication whatsoever, she put her blanket on me and rubbed my back till I fell asleep. I cried so hard when she started to rub my back. She was a mom who saw a kid who was sick and needed help. Granted I’m in my 20s but nothing compares to a mom rubbing your back when you’re sick. I don’t think I would have survived that flight without her. I tried to thank her but she didn’t speak any English. But I hope she knows how much that meant to me and how much it taught me”.- skeletoorr / Reddit

It’s All In The Small Things

puppu going for treat in person's hand

Tamara Bellis / Unsplash

Tamara Bellis / Unsplash

“Once, when my dog was just a few months old, we were out for a walk and we passed this guy on the street who was just leaning against a wall. My dog stopped and refused to budge. She looked at me, looked up at the guy, then looked back at me and wagged her tail a little. So I said, “Do you want to say hello?” And she turned to the guy and put her paws on his knee. Just for the record, my dog doesn’t like people — she’s really shy and doesn’t approach strangers — so I was kind of surprised that she wanted to interact.

The guy bent down and petted her for a minute or two. Then, he stood up, looked at me, and said thank you. The look on his face was so vulnerable like he was about to cry. That was over a year ago and I think about that guy once in a while. He was so grateful to just pet a cute puppy for a few minutes, and my dog just seemed to know that he needed it.” -particularshadeofblu / Reddit

Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Michael Jin / Unsplash

Michael Jin / Unsplash

Strangers don’t only play a role in the good times. Sometimes they help us through dark times as well” “When I was like 10 or 11, I was outside playing in the sprinklers with my little brother and sister. There was a car crash right in front of our house, women in a yellow VW Bug got t-boned on the driver’s side.

Her collarbone broke and was sticking out, and had cut an artery. I ran out to try to help (cub scouts I guess, not really sure what I thought I could do at this point.) And she was obviously very distraught and grabbed my hand and wouldn’t let go. I watched her bleed to death while holding her hand, and never knew her name.” – ShrimpinGuy / Reddit

Music Really Brings People Together

uber app shows directions

Humphrey Muleba / Unsplash

Humphrey Muleba / Unsplash

“I’m a dude in my mid-twenties and I drive for Uber/Lyft. One time, on a really busy night, a young woman got in my car while I had my Guardians of the Galaxy Pandora station playing. We were exchanging simple pleasantries when “American Pie” came on. Now, I don’t really sing along with my passengers, or sing in general on account of the fact that I’m not good at singing. But this young woman in my car just started singing along to the song.

After a verse or two, I decided to join in. She then started to harmonize with my off-pitch singing. The song ended right as I pulled up to her hotel, we exchanged minimal pleasantries again, and went on our separate ways. I don’t even remember her name or face, but I definitely remember the random jam session that was good enough to join in on.” – tmos540 / Reddit

One Act Of Kindness

homeless man holding up sign that says

Matt Collmaer / Unsplash

Matt Collmaer / Unsplash

“On a cold winter day, there was a homeless man sitting on the front steps of the church where I was music director. As I unlocked the door to enter the building for practice, I noticed the man was shivering and looked especially destitute. So I invited him inside and fixed food for him in the parish hall kitchen. I noticed a profound difference after I fed him some food, coffee, and cookies. Also, the church’s rummage sale had a heavy winter coat and hat that fit him perfectly, so I gave that to him. As he departed, the man gave me a warm smile, followed by a bear hug — a moment I’ll never forget.” – Back2Bach /

We may all be strangers to others but that doesn’t diminish the impact we have on one another even if just for a brief moment.

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