Everyday People Shared The Greatest Mental Health Tip They’ve  Gotten And It’s Basically Free Therapy

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It’s a hard world out there and we’re just doing our best to survive within it and make the best of it. Unfortunately there are some days that feel like no matter how hard we try, life just keeps on pushing us back down. Those days are the hardest because they take a toll on our mental health.

However, happiness in its pure form is a mindset. It means that even on the bad days we have the tools to naviguate and overcome them. But to do that, we need to know the tips that helps us figure out how. Luckily, people share their bits of wisdom as they go along so the rest of us can learn from them.

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Talk To Yourself Like You Would To A Child

man sits with kid on the sidewalk as they smile

Sebastian Leon / Unsplash

Sebastian Leon / Unsplash

“Pretend you are your own child. Weird concept, but hear me out. That negative self-talk that’s beating you down – would you speak to a child like that? What would you say to your inner child if someone told them they were an idiot or were fat or were useless or unloved? Practice a little kindness toward yourself. I’m trying really hard to do this & this concept helps me extend compassion toward myself.” – ViaWires / Reddit

When we speak to children we assume their innocence and don’t want to distort their perception of the world by being too harsh. So why do we do that to ourselves? We deserve the same patience, kindness, and forgiveness that we offer to the young ones.

Perception Changes When We’re Tired

woman lays in bed face down

Vladislav Muslakov / Unsplash

Vladislav Muslakov / Unsplash

“Never evaluate your life when you’re tired. Ever notice things seem much worse at night when worries seem at their worst? The next morning your brain can think of ways to fix them and most times they aren’t there the next day.” – a_snails_pace / Reddit

The more tired you are, the less you cognitively have the capacity and energy to access positive thoughts and logical thinking. You become easily irritable because your body is craving rest.Losing sleep depletes some of your self-control, because the way the brain communicates with the emotional response after persistent poor sleep brings up negative emotions, and leaves you less capable of controlling them.

You’re Only in control Of Yourself

blindfolded woman by ocean

Oscar Keys / Unsplash

Oscar Keys / Unsplash

“I cannot control other people’s actions.” – beermoneymike / Reddit

It’s true that other’s people’s actions can directly impact us. But it can be draining to constantly put our happiness in the hands of others. You can’t control their actions but you can control your reactions. This goes both ways so in a sense, you’re also not responsible for their reaction. Everyone is entitled to their own feelings and we should take accountability when we hurt others.

At the same time, we need to learn to set boundaries because at the end of the day much of the underlying reasons why others act the way they do is beyond us. Let’s not take their actions personally and continue to be kind to one another because we never really know what’s going on in someone’s mind.

Not Everyone’s Opinion Matters

man stands in brown jacket looking at camera

Austin Human / Unsplash

Austin Human / Unsplash

“Don’t take criticism from someone you wouldn’t take advice from.” – SatanMeekAndMild / Reddit

It’s naive to think that everyone has your best interest in mind. The sad truth is that many act on jealousy and their own insecurities. It’s hard to see others be happy when you’re not happy yourself. So instead, many project what it is that is making them unhappy unto others. The thing is, if they’re not doing anything to change their situation then why does their perspective matter in the first place?

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Consider Achieving The Bare Minimum To Start

“It’s about not being to hard on yourself, but being kind to yourself. You don’t have to look tip-top every day, but you deserve basic health and hygiene. You can skip a shower today, but you should shower tomorrow. You don’t have to eat healthy today, but consider eating an apple instead of a chocolate bar. You’re gonna go to the supermarket to get your depression meal anyway, might as well get some vegetables while you’re there.” BlindToFaith13 / Reddit

In the wise words of Martin Luther King Jr. “If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” The point is in starting somewhere, cause even the bare minimum is still a starting line that gets you one step further and keeps you moving forward.

​DREAM: Detect, Reward, Escape, Amend, Magnify

woman under shower

Armin Rimoldi / Pexels

Armin Rimoldi / Pexels

“Detect: Pay attention to what’s going on in your head. The moment you notice that slip, stop what you are doing. Say it out loud to yourself if you have to, it’s all about taking control – you don’t want it to happen, take the first step.

Reward: this isn’t rewarding the negative thought, but the detection itself; if I’m walking down a path and I spot something that could trip me up, then it’s a good thing I paid attention to where I was going so I can adjust how I approach it. It’s about positive reinforcement to make future Detection easier.

Escape: Remove yourself from the environment. This can be physically, or mentally. Stop listening to what’s going on around you and focus on what’s going on in your head.

Amend: Rephrase the situation by inverting the language; Instead of saying “bad”, say “not good” because it doesn’t matter that you’re saying the word “not”, you’re still suggesting “good”

Magnify: This is where you magnify the newly-created positive suggestion/fantasy, and actually imagine the outcome happening. To Magnify it, make the colors brighter, the sounds louder, the feelings stronger, the sensations more specific etc.” – neohylanmay / Reddit

We’re All Just Doing Our Best

woman stands with eyes close smiling by yellow background

Felipe Galvan / Unsplash

Felipe Galvan / Unsplash

“Nobody has it figured out. Do your best and wing it like the rest of us. It kinda made me feel like the feeling of being lost and unsure of what to do next was normal.”how_are_ya_now2

It’s okay to not be okay or fully aware of the next step. We’re ultimately all just trying to do our best. The only difference is in keeping an open mindset, and seeking growth even if it’s on a micro level every single day.

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