The Lengths To Which Some Will Go To Live A ‘Double Life,’ Witnessed By Their Victims

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Some people will go to extreme lengths to try and give themselves a blank slate instead of owning up to their mistakes and correcting them. They believe that by taking on a whole new identity, somehow the consequences won’t catch up to them. They actually convince themselves that their old self is completely erased and completely immerse themselves in their second life.

Except, the truth always comes out and double lives eventually get exposed. The following people should have come with warning signs but it didn’t take long for the red flags to reveal themselves.

A Fugitive Working In A School

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Kobe Michaels / Pexels Via Canva

Kobe Michaels / Pexels Via Canva

​“A counselor at my college in Michigan faked his identity for over 40 years. He was a civil rights organizer in San Francisco in the 1960s and ended up in a shoot-out with police. He was supposed to appear in court later but he took off, and in the 40+ years following the shooting, he earned his master’s degree with a whole new identity, ultimately working as a guidance counselor at a community college in Michigan.

His true identity was exposed and was sentenced to a year in jail and about $8000 in fines. He was a nice guy, you’d never expect anybody who’s seemingly normal actually being an old school fugitive on the run.” — TazzzTM

Interestingly enough, it’s the last people you expect that end up in these crazy plot twists and revelations that the whole time they have been living double lives.

A Husband Lying Straight To His Wife

man texting while woman sleeps behind him

Free / Canva Pro

Free / Canva Pro

“My uncle runs a business hooking up internet in hotels. He travels all over the West coast for it. Recently he asked my aunt to have an open relationship. Turns out most of his ‘business trips’ were actually trips to go meet with his business partner, whom he has been having an affair with for the last year or two. This business partner has even had two pregnancies with my uncle that were intentional.

My aunt and uncle have been married for 12 years, and have a five-year-old son. My aunt also has terminal cancer. He’s been introducing their son to his mistress as their son’s new Mommy without my aunt’s knowledge. — StumbleKitty / Reddit

Luckily the couple is now getting a divorce but imagines being deceived to the extent of having your own kids involved.

The Orphan With Convenient Parents

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Motortion / Getty Images Via Canva

Motortion / Getty Images Via Canva

“I lived in a house with a guy who said his parents were recently dead. He cried about them a lot. When we kicked him out, his parents came and helped him move his stuff out.” — Onthisharvestmoon / Reddit

Some people have no problem lying through their teeth because they thrive on playing the victim. Their entire identity is built on deceiving others to feel bad enough for them to do things for them beyond their means. They think that by doing so they’ll be able to get more for doing less.

The Full Grown Exchange Student

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Element 5 Digital / Isplash

Element 5 Digital / Isplash

‘My family hosted a number of exchange students while we were growing up. One girl, Irinia, from Russia came to us no differently than any of the other students had – through the AFS program. To be a student through AFS meant you had to fill out an application, be 17-18 yrs old, be attending high school in your home country, whatever.

So Irina arrives as our exchange student. She goes to high school in our small hometown, ut at Christmas time she says she has to go home to Russia because her mother was extremely sick. Going home during the exchange year is really unusual. So Ok fine she’s going to Russia for the Christmas break. Except she never comes back. AFS can’t find her, we don’t know where she is, if she made it to Russia or if she’s hurt.

Maybe 3 months later my mom is driving through our tiny town and she sees Irinia, with what looks like her mom, and some other kids. Turns out Irinia has graduated high school in Russia already, was like 25 with children, and had posed as an exchange student so she could ‘case’ the place before bringing the rest of her family.” – gulabjamunyum / Reddit

A Secret Baby

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Omar Lopez / Unsplash

Omar Lopez / Unsplash

“My cousin was a secret for 4 years. When my uncle was 21 he and his girlfriend had a baby without telling anyone in our large, very nosy family. No one suspected a thing and they went on dating.

The baby’s adoptive parents were killed in a fire and left in their will that they wanted her to go back to her bio parents.My uncle and his girlfriend sincerely regretted giving their daughter up and so they were thrilled.

Everyone just went with the fact that they were essentially keeping a secret child for 4 years and were pretty much ok with it.” – goldenmarigold / Reddit

The real question, is how did no one notice the pregnancy for nine whole months? Maybe when there’s a will, there’s really a way.

Anyone Who Does’t Know Themselves Is Living A Double Life

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Roman Kokev / Unsplash

Roman Kokev / Unsplash

​Before we judge the people from the stories above, we should take a moment to look within. In reality, those who don’t actually know who they are at their core, who go their whole lives just trying to fit in and be someone they’re not are ultimately just living double lives. You won’t believe what the science of Numerology can reveal about you.

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