4 Reasons You Need To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

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Humans are social creatures; there’s certainly no way of getting around that. In society, we’re told who we need to be, what we need to do, and what success truly is.

But just because we’re social creatures doesn’t necessarily mean we should let other people determine what it is we should be doing.

On top of it, don’t ever use other people as a measurement for your own standing.

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Here are four reasons you need to stop comparing yourself to others!

1. You ruin your self-esteem.

Someone sitting on their couch in a dark room, head in their hands.
Unsplash / Annie Spratt
Unsplash / Annie Spratt

You may see people in your life or people you don’t even know “doing better” and it makes you feel inadequate.

Feeling inadequate can completely derail your progress in life, thus leaving you feeling unfulfilled and even worse about yourself.