3 Types Of People You Need To Keep In Your Life

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In your life, you’re bound to encounter numerous types of people. They may show up as friends, coworkers, neighbors, or family.

Other times, they may take on not-so-great manifestations, like bullies and harassers. No matter what the case, these are the 3 types of people you need to keep in your life.

1. Your opposite.

A group of friends around a table eating.
Unsplash / cottonbro studio
Unsplash / cottonbro studio

Opposites are liable for butting heads in a pretty severe way, but they can still be great to have in your path through life. They tend not to sugarcoat things and will call you out when you deserve it.

Think of this person as your counterbalance, the hot to your cold. They may show strength where you are weakest, and conversely, you may be strong when they are weak.

You may disagree on some things, but don’t take it personally.