3 Types Of People You Need To Keep In Your Life

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In your life, you’re bound to encounter numerous types of people. They may show up as friends, coworkers, neighbors, or family.

Other times, they may take on not-so-great manifestations, like bullies and harassers. No matter what the case, these are the 3 types of people you need to keep in your life.

1. Your opposite.

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Unsplash / cottonbro studio

Opposites are liable for butting heads in a pretty severe way, but they can still be great to have in your path through life. They tend not to sugarcoat things and will call you out when you deserve it.

Think of this person as your counterbalance, the hot to your cold. They may show strength where you are weakest, and conversely, you may be strong when they are weak.

You may disagree on some things, but don’t take it personally.

2. Your soul mate.

The soul mate is a whole new kind of friend. They’re not always the one you fall in love with. Often times they’re not even the sex you’re inclined toward.

They’re just people who feel like they’re family, like a brother or sister. You meet them and it’s like you’ve known each other forever.

Some say the atoms that make up soul mates were fused in the same stars. Others think you’ve lived previous lives and have reincarnated together.

You often mirror one another and are able to happily go through life with them. Keep them around. Do what it takes to stay their friend forever.

3. Your mentor.

One of the most important types of relationships is the mentor-pupil relationship. Mentors can be friends, they can be family, they can be teachers; they come in lots of different shapes and sizes.

The universe sends us many mentors throughout our lives. They’re here to help inspire you on your journey.

Beware though, because the mentor relationship can go south if the mentor is unable to acknowledge that the pupil no longer needs mentoring.

This turns into more of a parasitic relationship than anything where the mentor is deriving something selfish from the relationship.

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