People Who Remind Us That There Is Still Good In The World, So Keep The Faith

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The world isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. It only takes five minutes of watching the news to feel our hearts ache for all of those experiencing unfairness, and hardships. That’s why it’s nice to be reminded of the beauty of the world as well.

Some people have truly inspiring stories that show that with intention, hard work, dedication, and hope, maybe manifesting anything and everything really is possible.

Started From The Bottom

first job of cleaning floors to being a psychistrist

ahmedhankir / Twitter

ahmedhankir / Twitter

Let this be a reminder to show kindness and respect to everyone. If anything those who have fallen outside of the standards of society are the ones who need someone to take a chance on them the most.

You never know what kind of journey someone is on, so if you can have the power to make any sort of positive impact on it just at the price of a smile, then why not?

There Is A Certain Innocence In Children

woman takes black and white selfie of her face without a hat

Tracey Ryan / Facebook

Tracey Ryan / Facebook

“A little boy about 3 came up and asked if my head was cold. I said yes, a little bit. He took his beanie off and said that I could have it. I thanked him with tears in my eyes and said back to him that he would get cold. He came back and said I have another one.”

This is why it’s so important for all of us to maintain a part of our inner child. This is the time were are at our most pure and innocent before experiencing the obstacles of the world that taint that.

Home Is Where The Heart Is

boy in foster care becomes doctor in his own home

AskDoctorNate / Unsplash

AskDoctorNate / Unsplash

Every single one of us deserves not only a roof above our head but somewhere to call home. Home isn’t just the place we sleep in. Home is a safe place. Home is where we create memories and fill the space in a way that reflects us.

For a child to miss out on this kind of comfort and safety is heartbreaking, but to see them come out on top years late, is simply inspiring.

It’s Never Too Late

DouglasLumsen1 / Twitter

DouglasLumsen1 / Twitter

Age brings wisdom. This means that it’s never too late to give up on our dreams. If 40 just happens to be the time when we find the right resources and opportunities to pursue our dreams, then at least we’re still giving ourselves a shot at them. It takes some of us a lifetime before we find ourselves and discover our purpose.

All that matters is what we’re constantly working towards discovering our highest self.

When One Life Ends, Another Begins

​A 5-Week-Old Sleeping Next To His 101-Year-Old Great-Grandfather

GoldenChinchilla / Reddit

GoldenChinchilla / Reddit

​This is a 5-week old baby sleeping beside his 101-year-old grandfather. This is a beautiful visualization of the circle of life. Where one life begins to near its end, another one is just at the beginning. Think of all the knowledge and experience that can be passed on between those lifetimes.

After all, Buddhists believe that human beings are born and reborn an infinite number of times until they achieve Nirvana.

True Love Does Exist

bath with a drink and snacks plate

JephriB / Reddit

JephriB / Reddit

“My wife is on her way home right now and probably thinks she’s going to have to immediately take over taking care of the kids. This is what I have waiting for her instead. “

The most beautiful thing that we have in this world is each other. We have the power to make each other happy and really make a difference. So if you want to see good in the world, do good.

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