People Who Died And Claim To Be Reincarnated Share The Memories Of Their Past Lives

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Reincarnation, also known as rebirth is the belief that we don’t get to live just one life. The concept explains that the non-physical essence of a living being begins a new life in a different physical form or body after biological death. Usually, however, we can’t necessarily consciously remember the lives we lived before even though our souls still bear all the good and bad deeds we’ve accumulated.

The following people claim to have been reincarnated except they also happen to have memories of who they once were. These are their stories.

The Same Dream, 300 Times Over

man's face in military uniform

Sammy Williams / Unsplash

Sammy Williams / Unsplash

“I had a very vivid dream well over 300 times. It’s always the same. I’m a 31year old Australian male with zero paramilitary culture which is another reason that I cant process my dream where I’m a passenger in a helicopter flying over a town that appears Middle Eastern. We have just completed a mission and the radio goes off. This is a little weird, I really don’t think the message is in English, but I understand it all the same. The dream flashes forward. Then it’s me about to jump out of the plane, oddly with a rope in my hands. I’m not talking about climbing gear. But actual thick rope. We use it like a fireman’s pole.

The ground troops are in ‘formation’ against the side of a large house. The team knocks in the door and I’m second or third in line. Quickly moving through a room and into the next I miss a young boy to my left and he shoots me. I’ve probably got four or five bullets in me. I always remember the wall behind, cracked a little like they’ve gone through. Then black. For a split second, I’m on a hospital bed somewhere with bright lights. Then nothing.” WyldeWest / Reddit