4 Reasons People With Tattoos Are The Best

People with tattoos get a bad rap. They have to be covered at the workplace and are often seen as shameful things to have in polite company. But more and more people are getting tattoos - and for good reason.

People with tattoos are awesome.

1. They value their lives.

People with tattoos value their lives and their ideas enough to wear it on their skin. They're honest and genuine people. Who wouldn't want to work to be around someone like that?

2. They're expressive people.

These days, people are artistically repressed more than anything else. Art is downplayed in school and everywhere else. People with tattoos have learned to artistically express themselves through body art. They're great at releasing tension.

3. They fear nothing.

Tattoos hurt, yet they still subject themselves to them. They've embraced pain and fear and created something beautiful out of it. They aren't afraid to get hurt.

4. They embrace themselves.

The ideas they have are good enough to them to show the whole world every day as long as they live. Tattoos are a portal to understand them, and they want you to. They think they're awesome and so will you.

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