People With These 5 Personality Traits Have The Most Secure Attachment Style

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What do you usually look for in a partner? We tend to be attracted to people who give us a secure attachment and make us feel loved and saved in their presence. That’s because security is encouraging of success in long-term commitment.

Out of all attachment styles, we should all never settle until we find a partner with a secure attachment style. These people are able to love from a healthy place on which to build a solid foundation for lifelong happiness. Securely attached people are confident, and emotionally available and make dating feel safe and easy. Here is how to tell if you or your partner are one of these people by their personality type.

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They Wear Their Heart On Their Sleeve

While most people feel naked when they expose their deepest feelings, those with secure attachment share that information voluntarily. Their worth is not calculated by the reaction of others to them.

woman puts her hand on her heart
Giulia Bertelli / Unsplash
Giulia Bertelli / Unsplash

Rather, they live life by their own rules, radiating confidence, and consider those who respond negatively to them to be undeserving of their attention. While they often work on their growth and don’t shy away from therapy, they don’t require external validation and rather look for acceptance from within.