People With These 5 Personality Traits Have The Most Secure Attachment Style

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What do you usually look for in a partner? We tend to be attracted to people who give us a secure attachment and make us feel loved and saved in their presence. That’s because security is encouraging of success in long-term commitment.

Out of all attachment styles, we should all never settle until we find a partner with a secure attachment style. These people are able to love from a healthy place on which to build a solid foundation for lifelong happiness. Securely attached people are confident, and emotionally available and make dating feel safe and easy. Here is how to tell if you or your partner are one of these people by their personality type.

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They Wear Their Heart On Their Sleeve

While most people feel naked when they expose their deepest feelings, those with secure attachment share that information voluntarily. Their worth is not calculated by the reaction of others to them.

woman puts her hand on her heart
Giulia Bertelli / Unsplash
Giulia Bertelli / Unsplash

Rather, they live life by their own rules, radiating confidence, and consider those who respond negatively to them to be undeserving of their attention. While they often work on their growth and don’t shy away from therapy, they don’t require external validation and rather look for acceptance from within.

They Have A Great Sense Of Empathy

Their confidence gives them no need to be defensive. They can easily see the other side of the coin and take a minute to evaluate the opposing perspective. They navigate conflict with grace and patience because they think before they speak and calculate the consequences of their actions. They chose their words carefully because they want to make sure they’re not hurting others just to prove themselves right. They’ll respectfully agree to disagree.

woman hugs man tightly as he smiles by the water
Chermiti Mohamed / Unsplash
Chermiti Mohamed / Unsplash

Even more importantly they can read others like a book. They understand without judgment. They make for some of the best friends and partners.

They Welcome Commitment

No fear of commitment to be found here. It’s not that these people are immune to fears of the unknown and that it’s easy for them to give out their hearts to someone else or take big risks. However, they have made peace with their baggage and don’t let it hold them back.

man puts engagement ing on hand
Andre Jackson / Unsplash
Andre Jackson / Unsplash

They love the opportunity of a risk because it means that they can move forward. With high risk comes a high reward. They would rather play out a situation than say no to commitment out of fear and miss out on it entirely.

They Are Not Afraid Of Failure

Secure people understand that failure is an opportunity to learn from their mistakes. They don’t blackout bad memories because it’s easier to forget about it. Rather they take the time to grieve the bad times and confront them so that they can observe what went wrong and do their best to avoid its repetition.

man hangs upside down off rope between too cliffs over road
Alexandre Zanin / Pexels
Alexandre Zanin / Pexels

This is why they don’t get stuck in negative cycles or self-deprecating patterns. They have healthy coping mechanisms to manage and regulate stress which allows them to recover quickly from negative experiences. People with secure attachment are confident in their abilities so they know that just because it didn’t work out this time, doesn’t mean it never will.

They Open Up Within Boundaries

They feel comfortable sharing their emotions and making themselves vulnerable to others. They will talk with you all till the sun comes up about their greatest fears and desires and make you feel like you’re safe in their presence. However, they’re also self-aware and are attuned enough with themselves to know when they’re reaching a point of discomfort.

Gary Barnes / Pexels
Gary Barnes / Pexels

These people aren’t afraid to say no. They’re not people pleasers who drain themselves just to make others happy. They understand that for balance to exist they need to fill their cup as much as they empty it. They know how to prioritize at the risk of offending you by saying no to plans if they know it will take away from their responsibilities.

The Root Cause Of Attachment Styles

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t have a secure attachment style. Our attachment styles affect pretty much everything in our relationships. However, it’s rooted in years of conditioning that we are not even aware of.

baby with blue eyes hugging man
Josh Willink / Pexels
Josh Willink / Pexels

They are developed in childhood, based on the way our parents or primal caregivers cared for us at the time. For example, if our parents were absent, we can develop abandonment issues and have an anxious or avoidant attachment style as adults as a means to protect ourselves.

However, the good news is that we are also not stuck with an insecure attachment style.

Cultvating Secure Attachement

You can learn and cultivate these personality traits to form healthy relationships. The secure attachment style is the only healthy style out of all four. Start by figuring out yours and how it impacts your relationships. From there you can work to become more and more secure.

man and woman cuddling on couch
Cotton Bro / Pexels
Cotton Bro / Pexels

You’ll notice yourself becoming more trusting, comfortable with intimacy, confident, committed and surrounded by healthy boundaries.

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