Misconceptions About Marriage That Can Ruin A Relationship

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Many years ago when I was having trouble in my marriage, I felt like all of the other couples I knew were effortlessly and happily sailing along.

The truth is, married life is a challenge for every single couple.

Many of us fall into the trap of believing that something is wrong with our relationship, even though what’s happening is perfectly normal.

So, if all our time is spent thinking that the ship of our marriage is sinking, we’re not doing the thing we most need to do: learn how to sail.

Don’t let these relationship traps steer your marriage ship off of its happy course.

1. Marriage shouldn’t be such hard work

A married couple holding hands while sitting down.
Pexels / Trung Nguyen
Pexels / Trung Nguyen

This is a biggie. The misconception that marriage should be easier than it is keeps people from making an effort when they most need to – when things aren’t going well.

Why not think, “If it takes this much work, we need some better tools to address our difficulties?”

Or, “If we have to work this hard, maybe there’s something I’m doing that’s making it even harder.” Better still, “If it takes this much work, we’re obviously committed to having a high-quality marriage.”

Never lose sight of that commitment to each other and your relationship no matter how rough the waters become.

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