5 Realities Of True love

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1. True love takes work.

A couple standing on a balcony, kissing.
Pexels / Csegedi Joszef
Pexels / Csegedi Joszef

There are people who will tell you that true love is easy and fun all the time, but that’s definitely not the case. Love takes work. Love can be hard. But true love feels right.

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2. You need to respect boundaries.

When you love someone, it isn’t a merger. You don’t own them. You don’t own their stuff. You need to respect their boundaries or risk losing them forever.

3. Communication is required.

Open lines of communication are absolutely required otherwise you run the risk of freefall.

Even those nasty, uncomfortable things require conversation. Ignoring them leads to resentment, which will end even the strongest relationship.

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4. You must live with purpose.

If you want to attract the truest love to you, you need to live your life with purpose, no matter what that purpose is. Even if you aren’t sure what your purpose is, live and act deliberately.

5. Love doesn’t hurt.

We’ve all heard that song, “Love Hurts.” I completely disagree. Love isn’t supposed to hurt. Love is supposed to feel good. If you have a love that hurts you, that’s not true love.

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