This Is Why You Need To Understand Your Dark Side Of Your Personality

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We are creatures of infinite growth and possibility. Some of our internal facets look very negative and twisted. It used to be that we would deny or suppress these expressions to our dying breath.

In the end that negativity was still present and a lot of time and energy was wasted. Now it is more common practice to examine and understand the darkness that dwells in all of us.

You can’t negate a mental formation with more thought. It is similar to pouring gasoline on a fire. You also can not command a heart to feel or suppress.

Anyone who has tried to battle either of these organs knows the futility of these fights. What does work is compassion, acceptance and the learned ability to ‘let go’.

Taking a closer look at the darker formations that dwell within everyone, it might help to name a few. Jealousy, rage, hate, the craving for power and greed are a few of the bigger formations.

When these formations get together though, dark fantasies can begin to unfold against our will. We see horrific things that, society and yourself judge harshly due to the raw content.

You are more than the sum of these twisted run away thoughts and the dark formations that made them. To even polarize human nature into the ‘light’ and ‘dark’ sides is unnecessarily fatalistic. Life is experience.

The mind interprets stimulus and creates internal formations. It is a processing and manufacturing hub, nothing more or less. It is constantly exercising: examining, creating, twist, imagining, and testing everything it can.

It has to, in order to stay a useful tool. If it only did what our ‘higher’ selves asked of it, we would be unable to cope with many situations we never saw coming.

The heart is a tool of experiencing emotions and sometimes it betrays us. It does whatever it needs to in order to stay a relevant tool.

Never be upset or feel guilty about the crazy nonsense your mind and heart do, they are tools functioning for very specific tasks.

The only productive course of action you have to recognize the formation for what it is, smile and accept that it exists, then put it down.

Let go of it. It will probably continue to fuss and try to harm you but just continue to accept and love it. Eventually without you feeding it more fuel the mind and heart will continue onto other functions.