29 Photos That Will Completely Put Your Life Into Perspective

As we run around accomplishing goals, gaining knowledge and experiencing life, our perspective can become biased or egocentric. On a smaller, interpersonal level we can see how an egocentric outlook is damaging and unproductive.

'We' or 'I' are terms that acknowledge and empower our personalities and societies. To fight negativity and unproductive formations we frequently boost our significance and influence. It is healthy to reinforce and strengthen the view of ourselves, but within limits.

It's easy to forget that on a cosmic scale, we are tiny blips of activity. We live for a blink of God's eye, on a waterlogged rock, circling a relatively small sun. Our neighborhood is a fraction of a decimal's segment. There are more stars than there are grains of sand.

We are not only physically insignificant, but our life spans don't register when compared to the millions of years necessary to effect change. This perspective bums a lot of people out, but remember, this is all perspective.

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