29 Photos That Will Completely Put Your Life Into Perspective

Yes, what a person is capable of doing in their lifetime isn't of universal relevance, but this is true as compared to what? A person can get caught up in an existential crisis. 'What does it mean?', 'My life doesn't matter', 'Nothing I do matters', these are all opinions, and narrow minded ones at that.

The brevity of our existence and limited range of our influence, make everything especially important. Because we only have so many days to live, each one carries more significance. There is an urgency that exists only because of our inevitable expiration date.

Our individual influence is limited, but through experience we gain more and pass a fraction of that influence on to our children. They grow that fraction and pass it along to the next generation. The finite nature of our actions is amazing. It is limited only by our knowledge.

While it may seem that we are so confined and pathetic, it is only because we compare it to our imaginations. The awareness of our lack of capabilities guides us to acquire more information.

Despite depressing outlooks, we are growing exponentially. The knowledge and ability of the average modern man makes us look like gods when compared to cavemen. Look at these photographs, breathe deep and have faith in your potential and power.

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