The Way You Swipe On Your Phone Can Reveal A lot About Your Personality

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Our phones know a lot about us. We use our devices every day for years, and never pause to notice the patterns of interaction. There are obvious markers of personality like: the ringtone, background, lock screen, if we have locked information or even how long our phone takes to lock up.

What about the way we swipe the screen? It’s kinda like a digital version of sitting in a chair. You naturally do it whatever way feels best to you, ands it’s probably different than your neighbor. We have the top 5 ways people unlock their phone and what it means. Are you surprised your phone knew this much?

Swiping Right

The more you swipe right, the more understanding you are! Slow to open up to others, you have to feel connected or empowered. Once your fuse is lit, watch out, you are a creative and social hurricane! You are particular about your choices, knowing each one is a reflection of you.