This Photographer Visited A Remote Mongolian Tribe. The Photos He Took Are Breathtaking

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Some might call this tribe “lost,” but attaching the word to them arrogantly assumes that the tribe had a particular interest in being found by modern society. Globalization encroaches more and more into the lives of tribal people.

Between that and totalitarian agriculture constantly demanding more and more land, the world may eventually lose people like these. And that’s what makes the Dukha people of Mongolia so fascinating. They’re a holdout not yet conquered by cultural domination.

This tribe has lived in the region for centuries and have developed a real kinship with the animals they live with. Hamid Sadar-Afkhami, a talented photographer, was recently allowed to document these people in a series of photographs.

The Dukha have a unique style of animal husbandry. Check out the photos!