Pictures That Remind Us That Time Is Fleeting So Make The Most Of It While You Can

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They say that time is a construct because it feels like you blink and your whole life has just passed you by. Some days feel like they’re dragging and yet when we look back we’re often in awe at how much time has already gone by.

While it’s difficult to live each moment to the fullest and without regret, looking at the way time fleets is a reminder that every moment counts. It is the accumulation of those moments that will make the memories of our lives and allow us to one day leave our mark.

From A Child To A Man

hand holds picture of kid in the front yard

MrMacBro / Reddit

MrMacBro / Reddit

This picture of a young boy is held by the man he has become. We can try to feel young at heart for as long as possible but the truth is we will never live the same moment twice. As we age we can’t help but lose the innocence and the simple joys that once made us a child. Life was so much simpler then.

Although we can’t turn back time, all we can hope for is that when we look back on this moment today, that it will nostalgically also remind us of joyful days.