A Pilot Captured “UFO Sighting” While Flying Over The Pacific Ocean

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Whether you believe that we’re the only people in this giant universe, or if you’re certain that the universe is too big for us to be its inhabitants, there is a growing amount of “evidence” that people from all areas of life have been bringing forth. They seem to indicate the possibility of another life form out there. Many have reported personal sightings of UFOS

So far in our history, we have not confirmed the existence of extraterrestrials. We have just imagined them in every way possible in movies and books and often gave them a bad reputation. If they’re really out there, no one really knows of their motivates or way of life, so we continue to imagine. But are we imagining their sightings too? This pilot was joined by what he thinks was a “fleet of UFOS” when taking a trip over the Pacific Ocean. Here’s what he shared.

A Pilot’s Accidental Discovery

pilot in his cubicle

William Topa / Unsplash

William Topa / Unsplash

When this pilot flew up into the sky, he thought it would just be another run with nothing more than clouds to see around him, But as he was cruising at 39,000 feet into the air over the Pacific ocean, he started to notice something strange. As most people do today, he took out his phone’s camera and decided to record it. It didn’t take long before he noticed 9 and sometimes up to 12 bright objects were flying somewhere in the vicinity.

These couldn’t be birds or other planes. You can see some light up and dim at random periods, but their pacing and speed seem to remain consistent like they’re in sort of agreed-upon formation. The pilot likely thought that no one would believe him, but now he had proof.

The Pilot Assumed They Were UFOs

alien sighting with arrows pointing

Chillztv / Twitter

Chillztv / Twitter

The video really makes the mind wander along with the pilot who can be heard saying: “That is some weird s***. That is something flying,” as the lights continue to grow and move. To the observer, the dots seem to disappear from the very top just in time to be replaced by a lower one. Then the fleet seems to disappear out of sight. It’s pretty strange.

The formation of these objects is what led the pilot to assume that they couldn’t be anything but UFOs. They are aligned in three rows that seem to be flying and rotating. Some of the rows have three lights in them, others have four. Even the spacing between them seemed identical. Since the video has been published, no one has claimed to have been flying inside these objects.

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Some Theories Have Tried To Rationalize The Sighting

Missle flying into the sky

Abed Ismail / Unsplash

Abed Ismail / Unsplash

Those who can’t wrap their heads around the idea of extra terrestrials believe the lights could be anti-missile flares shot from another plane or even ship, below the pilot’s plane. However, there has been no proof to support that theory as of yet.

However, the possibility of the existence of other beings has been rather exciting for some. Some prefer the nonexistential belief that we’re not actually all alone by the universe or limited by the cycle of life we’ve created here. Even governments have considered this possibility and haven’t totally dismissed it. The CIA has even declassified all of its documents on the possibility of the existence of UFOS. The Pentagon has also admitted that they’d been testing debris from suspected UFOs. It seems like anything is possible!

Some Evidence By The Pentagon

The Pentagon

Digital Vision / Getty Images Via Canva Pro

Digital Vision / Getty Images Via Canva Pro

The Pentagon is the headquarters building of the United States Department of Defense. It was built quickly during World War II. Since then they launched a UFO task force. This new government initiative has had its supporters and its haters, mostly made of skeptics. There are rumors that the Pentagon is controlling and hiding some of the reported sightings,

However, the Pentagon has been open about holding and testing anomalous debris from UFOs. Depending on what they find, if the material is truly futuristic, it could dramatically change our lives and the way we do things. For now, we wait, and continue to look up to the sky, just in case.

See The Sighting For Yourself

The theories about the making of the universe and its inhabitants are numerous. They are recently getting more and more attention but they’ve always been in the back of our minds. Think of the US Air facility for example, colloquially termed Area 51. Although it is supposed to be a disused facility that was likely once used for testing experimental air vehicles, many people who hunt for UFOs believe that it is actually a heavily guarded underground lab where the government keeps and studies captured alien aircraft, and possibly even aliens themselves.

While we can’t access government secrets, we’re only human and the human mind can only understand so much beyond its consciousness. There’s a possibility that within the large universe, there is much about time, space, and essence that we can’t even conceptualize.

Start By Looking Inwards

Artificial mind concept held by real human hands

Peshkova / Getty Images Via Canva Pro

Peshkova / Getty Images Via Canva Pro

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