For The First Time In Over 10 Years, This Incredible Planetary Alignment Is About To Take Place

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Every once in a while, the night sky puts on an absolutely dazzling event, and yet another is about to happen. For the first time in 10 years, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn will all appear in a straight line across the sky.

In Australia, the planets will be visible in the dawn sky beginning on January 20th. It will be visible until the end of February.

These planets often grace our morning skies. Jupiter appears in the north, followed by Mar,s followed by Saturn. It is unusual to see Mercury join these planets, however, making this such a rare and dazzling event. For the month of February, Mercury will grace morning skies instead of night time skies. It will sit directly below Venus.

Even more incredible is that, during this period of time, the moon will travel next to each of the planets. On January 28th, it will be next to Jupiter. On February 1st, you can see it next to Mars. On February 4th, the moon will rest near Venus, and finally, on February 6th, the moon will be near Saturn.

It has been a long time since these five planets’ orbits have aligned themselves in our sky. A clear, open space with few trees is the best way to see them. Look for the planets in the north to east horizons.

If you miss it, these five planets will line up again in August 2016. What a treat!