7 Reasons Playing Outside Will Make Your Kid Smarter

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Kids spend as much time at school as adults do at work. After they are sent home they have homework that they have to complete. While this regimen teaches them more, they need time for free play.

The time they spend unsupervised, in the real world teaches them how to act and use resources. They need the time and space to develop their personal awareness and skills.

Improves Language Skills

Outside, there are no boundaries in concept or how loud they can be. The only boundaries are the ones that the kids create, share and explore with one another. Even by themselves, they are free to imagine whatever they like and will attempt to share their creations. Interacting outside and with their peers, children are given a chance to explore and develop their unique voices.

Playing Outside Promotes Healthier Living

All that running around, sunlight and fresh air is better than any benefits of sitting inside for hours. The kids burn excess energy and develop healthy, strong muscles.

Relieves Stress

As adults we take breaks and vacations to deal with stress and increase productivity and happiness. Kids operate the same way, after sitting in school for hours, the ability to de stress and have fun is a great way for them to relieve stress. Not only helping kids stay happy, play time helps them understand the effects of breaks and aids them in realizing what makes them feel better.

Promotes Problem Solving

Kids make up their own rules when they play outside. They make games, compromise roles, understand boundaries and re purpose resources (like basketballs, sticks, Frisbees).

Develops Leadership And Social Awareness

Structured environments can teach kids a lot about social hierarchy, they learn the best on their own. They are free to make mistakes that their peers will hold them responsible. Kids need the space to experiment with different ways to work as a team or stand up for what they feel is right.

It’s A Stimulating Way To Spend Time

Free play lets kids recognize their needs for themselves. Boredom is a serious motivator as they learn to enjoy themselves and others.

Increases Focus

Adults use exercise and free time to unwind and renew their work ethic. Kids are the same. Burning off excess energy ensures they will be more likely to eat and sit still to focus. The sunlight goes a long way in creating dopamine and ensuring a steady circadian rhythm. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that leads to positive feelings, while the circadian rhythm governs natural sleep cycles.

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