7 Traits Of True Friends

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1. They stick with you.

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Unsplash / alise storsul
Unsplash / alise storsul

True friends stick with you no matter what. I hear stories about friends falling out with one another because one doesn’t like the other’s new boyfriend and other trivial things.

That doesn’t matter to true friends. They stick with you through thick and thin.

2. They accept you.

True friends, like true lovers, won’t try to change the person you are. If you want to change, they have your back, and they’re sure to let you know their opinions, but they accept you for who you are. No strings attached.

3. They celebrate you.

They aren’t jealous of you. Instead, they celebrate you. Big promotion at work? Party! Third date went well? How about a beer to celebrate? Your true friends won’t feel resentment for what you have going on for you.

4. They reinvigorate you.

Some “friends” we walk away from feeling totally drained. They’re negative Nancy types. True friends leave you feeling energized and invigorated, not tired and sapped of your energy.

5. They reach out.

This is a key factor. A true friend isn’t a friend you’re constantly having to track down. True friends seek you out sometimes. They make time in their busy lives to hang out with you.

6. They don’t speak talk trash.

True friends don’t talk about you behind your back. They don’t cattily gossip and spread rumors.

If they have something to say to you, they say it to your face. They won’t talk about you to anyone in a way that they wouldn’t talk directly to you.

7. They don’t get possessive.

If you’ve got new friends and lovers in your life, they don’t get possessive. They always give the space you need and are there when you want to do stuff.

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