5 Signals That You’re Not Really Ready For A New Relationship

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You’re enigmatic.

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Pexels / Maria Victoria Portelles
Pexels / Maria Victoria Portelles

Aloofness isn’t good when you’re just getting to know someone. It can turn people away from you which can exacerbate negative feelings about dating. Don’t date if you’re not ready.

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You aren’t over past hurt.

Being over your past hurt is absolutely critical before so much as going on one date. You shouldn’t be potentially seriously pursuing someone if you still have open wounds.

You don’t want to meet your date’s friends.

Dating progresses well and they want you to meet their friends or family. How does that make you feel? If you frown at the idea, it may mean you’re not really ready for a relationship.

You make unrealistic demands.

Another clear sign that you can’t handle a relationship right now are all of the unrealistic demands of your “ideal partner.” Part of love is letting people be who they’re going to be and being happy with that.

You have trust issues.

Strong relationships are built around trust. If you’ve been hurt in the past, it can be hard to trust again. But let me be clear, if you can’t trust yet, you aren’t ready.

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