11 Things Only Professional Nappers Will Understand

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I’m a napper. Almost every single day, I pass out for a while in the afternoon.

If you’re anything like me, there are a few things only you truly understand.

1. You probably want to take a nap now. Even just the thought or mention of a nap gets your eyelids feeling heavy and makes your bed feel enticing.

2. You often don’t get back to your friends for hours and hours. You nap, then mean to text back, but tend to forget.

3. You think cats and sloths are your spirit animal. If you got your way, you’d be reincarnated as a house cat.

4. You tend to nap too long because you think “Just five more minutes…” for about 2 hours.

5. You have no shame about going so hard on the weekend because you’re just going to end up napping during the day anyway.

6. There is no surface unfit for a nap. Couches, floors, chairs, futons – it all works just peachy fine for you!

7. You often intend to take a 20 minute nap only to wake up at 3am totally confused with 100 missed calls.

8. You don’t feel ashamed of your moods. Your nap is all that stands between you being peaceful and being absolute hell on wheels.

9. You’ve accidentally stood people up because of naps.

10. You’re almost always late to dates because of your nap time.

11. You realize that just about every problem in the world could be swiftly resolved by a mandatory nap time.

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