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5 Signs You're In Need Of Some Serious Emotional Healing

There are many different kinds of emotional injury.

Whether it stems from grief, loneliness, or perhaps abuse from an external source, it can be a painful hindrance in the life of anyone it touches.

Moving on from these wounds requires lots of time, patience and introspection, but above all, one must be willing and ready to acknowledge that healing is necessary in the first place and committed to letting that healing happen.

These are 5 signs that you need to acknowledge your pain and start the healing process.

1. Your mind is overworked.

It can be difficult to come to terms with the fact that you need emotional healing.

We often try to distract ourselves from this fact by taking on too much at once, filling our heads with projects, ideas, lists and stresses that simply don't need to be there and shouldn't be our main focus.

The irony of this mind state is that it can actually cause you to short circuit a bit and reduce your productivity overall.

You need to be gentle with yourself and your mind. Don't bite off more than you can chew, give your head some rest.

2. You're stuck in a stagnant routine.

This can be evident in a number of ways.

Maybe you seem to be having the same difficulties in your romantic relationships over and over again, or you find yourself trapped in the same mediocre job without opportunities for change/advancement.

Perhaps you find yourself in a cycle of personal frustration, trying to get healthy and fit and then losing interest and eventually starting over again, repeatedly.

Falling into a rut that you feel you can't break out of is a clear sign of emotional distress. Focus on healing your inner self, and these negative cycles will break on their own.

3. You've lost touch with your instincts.

We've evolved a long way since the days when we relied almost solely on our intuition or instinct for survival, but trusting your gut feeling is still an important part of life today.

When we're emotionally blocked and suffering, we lose sight of how to tap into that intuition and things don't seem so clear anymore.

This can cause decision making and big transitions to be very challenging and scary for us.

4. Your temper and emotions are out of control.

Emotions that aren't being processed healthily are a lot like open wounds.

They will try to heal themselves, but without being properly tended to, they only end up infected and even more tender than before.

When you're emotionally injured and your emotions are accessed at all, even by the slightest thing, they tend to flare up and become uncontrollable.

This results in a very short temper and a lot of extreme over reactions to generally insignificant stimuli.

5. You've lost your ability to trust.

This is the biggest neon sign out there that you need to heal yourself emotionally.

Human beings are social creatures, we are all part of a global community and we need to be able to feel and appreciate that interconnectedness in order to thrive.

We need to be able to trust others in order to receive love, or to give it in a healthy way.

In a sense, trust is really at the root of it all and if your emotional injury is holding you back, you need critical help and immediate healing.

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