There Is A Secret Network Of Psychedelic Temples Hidden Beneath The Alps

Beneath the Alps is an ecovillage commune that serves as a spiritual community founded in 1975 by Falco Tarassaco. It's called Damanhur and it can be found in the Piedmont region of Italy 30 miles north of Turin.

From the official website for Damanhur:

“Damanhur is a resilient Federation with its own Constitution, culture, art, music, currency, schools and uses of science and technology. Its citizens are open to sharing their knowledge and research with other groups and cultures of the world, with anyone who is interested in exploring these themes. Damanhur holds events at numerous centers, organizations and points of outreach in many cities around the world, and also hosts thousands of visitors each year who participate in tours, seminars, retreats and courses through Damanhur University. The community has attracted interest from scholars, educators and researchers in the fields of art, social sciences, spirituality, medicine and alternative health, economics and environmental sustainability.

…what sets Damanhur apart from other intentional communities is that it actively utilizes the practical application of science, research and a spiritual philosophy in harmony with the planet. And yet, there is one more phenomenon that makes Damanhur truly unique: It's an axis point where four of the 18 worldwide synchronic lines intersect. The very ground breathes. Rocks, trees and plants resonate prana. Everything seems to be subtly energized. The effect, when you visit here, is an unmistakable lifting of the human spirit.

To walk in Damanhur is to walk through past, present and future. Ancient mysteries and the forgotten wisdom of great civilizations coalesce with a fresh, tech-infused vision of an evolving potential future."

The Italian government has threatened to destroy the temples unless opened up for them to see. After a protest, the government relented and even encouraged expansion.


Spiritual Rituals For New Year Prosperity and Enhanced Manifesting Power

There's a ritual for everyone. Rituals can be just an act of discipline or belief, or it can be a symbolic way to create meaning. If you think about it, we each already have our own rituals. Your routine is your ritual and while some of it is draining, and robotic, there's an opportunity to create fulfilling and inspiring rituals that motivate and inspire you as you head into a whole new year.

You can either keep doing exactly what you're doing and remaining stagnant, or you can try to implement new rituals designed to take you to new heights. See for yourself.

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Write Down Clear Intentions

"be creative" being written in notebook

Pixabay / Pexels

Manifesting as its most powerful this time of year. As a year comes to a close it brings closure and provides a blank slate full of hope, a new beginning, and second chances. Don't dwell on the mistakes or the "should've" this year. They don't matter anymore. What matters, is by the time you're here again next year, what exactly do you want to be different.

Write your goals with intention. Write them on a big piece of paper in bright colors and hang it somewhere where you can't forget about it. As the year keeps going, watch yourself check off each one of your intentions as you accomplish them.

Release What Weighs You Down

hand holding lighter to poloraid picture

Yuvraj Singh / Unsplash

A nice fire on a cold day can not only be cozy but can serve your riddance ritual. Ask yourself, who or what actually makes you happy versus who or what weighs you down. Remember that you have a capacity to balance and the extra weight is just holding you back from your full potential.

Once you figure that which no longer serves you, literally burn it. If it's an ex, burn their picture. If it's a job, burn a copy of the contract. Let this be a promise to yourself that you won't just put up with it, and that'll you actually free yourself to something better.

Cleanse Yourself From The Inside Out

woman in bath with eyes closed

Isi Parente / Unsplash

Yes literally go and take a bath and think of the water as cleansing your spirit. Water has really powerful effects when used as a manifesting technique. This bath ritual is not about hygiene, it's symbolic of the internal struggle.

Our vibrational level is often tainted by pressures, conditions and other others' people's baggage. Sometimes you need to wipe yourself clean of the world and focus on what's inside you. You can enhance this bath with candles, salts, aromatherapy, and meditation music for optimal results.

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Welcome Positive Energy Into Your Home

candle on wooden table being lit with sage

Anna Shvetz / Pexels

Forget spring cleaning, the real cleaning should be at the end of the year. Remember that every time you step back through your front door, you introduce all the energy that you're carrying from your day. Your home is meant to be your divine space, to rebalance your energy, and restore your highest frequencies.

Make sure that it matches the vision that you want for yourself. Go through every room and get rid of clutter, open up your space, let the light in, and only keep what you truly need. Getting plants, who emit their own positive vibrations can also be helpful.

Make An Offering To The Universe

bowl of orange with some orange around it on white counter

Stephanie Harvey / Unsplash

The best way to align yourself with the universe is to ask for the same of what you put out into it. The universe works best when we give back to it, each making a positive difference in someone's life in a butterfly effect. To create a ritual that symbolizes the way that you want to give back, try this Feng Shui-inspired tradition.

In Feng Shui, oranges represent prosperity because of their resemblance to the Sun, so place nine oranges in a blow in your home. Not only will it add a pop of color but it will help bring in positive energy."

How To Personalize Prosperity For The New Year

woman from the back holding sage up with her right arm

Anna Tarazevich / Pexels

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