Discover The Inner-You With This Psychological Test

When you stop and consider it, the human mind is a pretty incredible thing.

The brain is so curious that it invents ways to understand itself better. Really kind of wild when you break it down like that, isn't it?

One of the ways we understand ourselves better is through psychological testing.

Despite what you might think, testing your psychology to understand yourself isn't just for mentally unstable people.

Anyone can do it. One of the popular ways is through simple hypothetical tests.

This test that we're about to do, called a "psycho-dynamic" test, is a few decades old now.

It's a tried and true way to reveal your inner feelings about your fears, likes, loves, and desires. We recommend grabbing a pen and a piece of paper and writing down what you see in your mind's eye and what your answers are.

At the bottom of the article, we'll discuss what each of your answers indicates about you.

From there, you can do with that information whatever you like.

We encourage you to keep an open mind, an open heart, and be willing to hear what the results have to say, but don't over-analyze it or anything.

And if you think you have a friend or loved one who might like to take the test, be sure to share!

The Forest

Picture yourself walking down a forest path.

Close your eyes and visualize the scenario if you think it'll help you. Once you've got a good image of your forest, there are three questions that need to be answered:

Question 1: Are the trees organized in a pattern or are they randomly placed?

Question 2: Is it daytime or nighttime?

Question 3: Is the path wide or narrow? Is it well-traveled or rugged?

Be sure you're writing down your answers so you don't forget! You can even jot down a quick description of your forest to keep it fresh in your mind.

The Key

As you walk down your path, getting deeper into the woods, you spot a key lying on the ground by itself.

There are a few questions about this key you need to answer.

Question 4: What does the key look like? Is it a new key or an old key? Is it shiny or dull? Is it large or small? What does it look like it unlocks?

Question 5: Will you pick the key up or leave it in its current place?

The Bear

Once you've either picked up or passed the key, you continue along down your trail and you come upon a bear.

When you see the bear, freeze that moment in your mind so we can analyze it.

There are two questions you need to answer about the bear:

Question 6: Is the bear friendly or does it seem aggressive and intimidating? Are you afraid?

Question 7: Is it a small bear or a large bear?

The Urn

Unfreeze this moment in your mind.

The bear lumbers along through the woods and away from you. Thank goodness!

You continue along the path and suddenly come upon an urn sitting right in the middle of the path. There are two questions you need to answer about this urn:

Question 8: What does the urn look like? What is it made of?

Question 9: Is there anything inside the urn? If so, what's in it?

The House

Leaving the urn where it is, you continue along this path for a bit and come upon a house, where the path finally dead ends.

There are two questions about this house that you'll need to answer.

Question 10: Is the house small or large? What kind of house is it?

Inside the house, you hear a man yelling, screaming, raving, and throwing a fit.

He sounds kind of unstable and scary. He sees you outside and demands that you unlock the door to let him out.

He's pleading with you, though he seems out of his mind.

Question 11: Will you open the door for the man?

Fade To White

You've made your decision about whether or not to let the man out and suddenly everything quickly fades to white.

You don't seem to be anywhere. Up, down, left, right, none of these things matter anymore. You are simply floating in white. You cry out but there is no one to hear you.

There is only one question to answer regarding this abrupt purgatory:

Question 12: What do you do? Do you explore and try to escape? Do you give up and accept your fate?

And with that, the test is over! Let’s get into the explanations.

The Forest, Explained

The forest is representative of the inner you - all of the things that make up who you are on the inside.

The path is your connection to childhood, to your present, and to your death. But this forest is everything that you are.

So let's dig in and see what we've learned about you.

Question 1: If the forest was disorganized, then there's a good chance you're disorganized too.

If the forest was neat and clean and even and well organized, it's safe to say that you are those things also.

If the trees were a random pattern, it could be a sign that little things are less important to you.

If the trees were more evenly patterned, it could be a sign that smaller details are important to you.

Question 2: The choice in question two was light and dark.

If the forest was bright and well lit in the daylight, it means you probably have a sunnier outlook on your life.

If the forest was dark, you may have a darker outlook.

If it was somewhere in between, you may view life through a pragmatic lens.

Question 3: The path represents the path that you're on.

So the state of the path is telling of how you perceive the state of your life as a whole.

If the path was rugged and not so well traveled, it could mean that you see yourself breaking away from other people who occupied this world, doing your own thing.

A better kept path probably means you view your life as more traditional and "normal."

The Key, Explained

The key represents the whole of your desires, from your sexual desires to personal desires to professional desires.

It can be a promise or it can be a threat. It can be an unknown or a gateway to another world.

Question 4: How old the key was in your imagination may indicate the age and maturity of your dreams.

If it was an ornamental key, it may be a sign that you want nicer things and have larger ambitions.

If it was a super old key, ancient in fact, it may mean that you think you've got some big surprises in store for you.

The larger the key was, the more you hope to get out of your life.

A smaller key may mean you're dreaming too small.

Question 5: If you took the key with you, it means that you may have desires that you want to see through.

If you left the key behind, you probably see change as more of a threat than something that could open new doors for you.

The Bear, Explained

The bear is a simple one to wrap your head around. It represents your problems.

Question 6: If the bear seemed scary, then your problems are probably pretty scary too.

You're likely very worried about getting through the experience with your problems, a big scary bear, alive.

However, if it was just a bear hanging out doing banal bear stuff, it means that you've got a good handle on your problems and you'll likely come out on top of them if you stick to your plans and remain confident.

Question 7: If the bear was large, you probably feel your problems are huge.

If the bear was smaller, it means you've got a good handle on the little problems in your life.

The Urn, Explained

Urns are traditionally used to house the remains of people who have passed away.

In this case, the urn is representative of those who have come before you.

They are the people who lived so that you could also live. They are long since gone.

The urn could represent your parents or your grandparents or relatives you never knew.

Question 8: If the urn was large, it is an indication that your family is important to you, and that the people who came before you carry a lot of weight in your mind.

If it was small, your ancestry probably isn't that important to you.

If the urn is made of something strong, it means you hold your ancestry in high regard.

If it is a weak substance and crumbling, that reflects your feelings on your family.

Question 9: What was inside of the urn, if anything, represents how you feel about your past generations.

If there was nothing there, you may not feel very connected to the people who came before you.

If it was full of water or a liquid of some kind, it means you believe you have something to gain from the people who came before you.

If it was filled with ash or sand, it may mean that you feel like it's not that important, that it's old, gone, and no longer relevant to you, like the dead.

The House, Explained

Chances are you were a little bit thrown by this house at the end of your path.

Seems like a weird situation, right? Well, let's break it down.

The house itself represents the size of your dreams.

Question 10: A large house indicates that you have big big dreams of wealth and prosperity and higher responsibilities.

A smaller house may show you that you want a more humble lifestyle.

Let's now look at what's inside the house.

Question 11: So there's a crazy madman in this house. That was something, wasn't it?

The madman represents how you feel about the rest of humanity.

If you opened the door, it shows your kindness and your willingness to help even the most far gone.

If you left it closed before being sucked into the whiteness, it means that you hold a greater degree of caution than most.

The Whiteness, Explained

You can probably guess what the whiteness at the end of your path indicates.

It represents your death, specifically that nothing changes once you are gone.

Question 12: Almost everyone wants to find a way out of this ever-encompassing whiteness.

A handful do not, simply accepting that this situation is what it is and to just go with it.

If you accept it, you've probably accepted the inevitability of death.

If you fought it, it probably means that you've got a lot of life to live still and that you aren't ready for a change as big as death.

What do you think? Are the results accurate? Let us know in the comments below!

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This Week's Horoscope Turns Thoughts Into Action, Here's How Each Zodiac Harnesses Its Energy

November 29- December 5

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There are a lot of constructive vibes around this week, and a whole lot of idealism too. The week begins with a potent Mars-Neptune trine on Monday, which encourages us to put some of our grand ideas into action.

We get back up on this task on Tuesday, with sextiles from the Sun and Mercury to practical Saturn, and from socially facilitating Venus to Neptune. Harnessing these energies means we can move forward constructively as well as find backing from our teams, colleagues, friends, and families.

The weekend may be a different matter, however – the Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius promises shocks in the system, especially related to issues of justice, fairness, or freedom.

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You know what you want to do to improve the world, Aries, but you've always hesitated to take action on that. On Monday, the Mars-Neptune trine could be the push you've been waiting for, as you realize that your ideas and ideals can make a difference after all.

Tuesday is a particularly good day for getting moving with this. Get others on board with help from the Sun/Mercury-Saturn sextile, and fine-tune your career towards a more altruistic purpose with help from the Venus-Neptune sextile.

Saturday's Solar Eclipse prompts you to expand your horizons. You've been taking too narrow a view of life. Seek new views, learn new philosophies, visit new lands, meet new people. Change comes through many minds working together.


This week, you're inspired to create common goals with your partner – or with those closest to you, if you're single – and to work together on something which matters to your soul. The Mars-Neptune trine on Monday is particularly inspirational for this.

On Tuesday, the Sun/Mercury-Saturn sextile grows your confidence, while the Venus-Neptune sextile helps you to get support from your wider network or community for the ideals you're trying to share.

Look to Saturday's Solar Eclipse, however, for some boundary setting. You may have been too forceful in your dealings with others, or perhaps you've allowed others to behave inappropriately with you. That has to stop.


Focus on finding ways to improve your efficiency at work, or the ease and comfort in which you can do your job. You have many ideas for how to improve things, especially on Monday when Mars trines Neptune – some of them are a bit 'far out', perhaps, but it could be that their time has come!

You'll get plenty of backup on Tuesday from your partner, courtesy of a helpful Sun/Mercury-Saturn sextile, and you can also expect favorable reactions from authority figures, with the Venus-Neptune sextile helping your persuasive skills.

Saturday's Solar Eclipse occurs in your love zone – this could bring a shock or revelation about a partner, but it's likely to impact your own personal growth in a positive manner.

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You've been feeling stifled and restricted recently, and this is the week to work on getting out of that rut. When Mars trines Neptune on Monday, you'll feel inspired to travel, to shake up your routines, to learn something new or to otherwise create new avenues of freedom for yourself.

Everyday practicalities that have previously stood in your way may start to dissolve on Tuesday, courtesy of helpful sextiles to Saturn, and you'll also sense that you have the full support of your sweetheart.

Look to Saturday's Solar Eclipse for a significant event or moment that underscores your need to break free – and which gives you the impetus to finally do so.


Family matters get a dose of healing and compassion this week, especially on Monday when Mars trines Neptune and encourages much better mutual understanding and forgiveness.

This provides a sense of relief and celebration, especially on Tuesday, when the Sun and Mercury sextile Saturn, allowing joy to flow through your relationship, and when Venus sextiles Neptune, freeing up more time for you to spend with your lover.

Saturday's Solar Eclipse occurs in your risk zone and encourages you to take a leap of faith. This is a very good time for treating fears and phobias, and for allowing your emotions to spill out freely – don't hold anything back.


There's a real sense of partnership in your relationship this week, with you both working together as a strong team and towards a shared purpose. The lovely Mars-Neptune trine on Monday underscores this and points towards a shared spiritual understanding too.

The Sun/Mercury-Saturn sextile on Tuesday shares responsibilities with your loved ones and improves your ability to delegate, while the Venus-Neptune sextile the same day adds a lovely big dose of romance and magic – what's not to love about that?

On Saturday, however, the Solar Eclipse falls in your family zone. You are being asked now to spend more time with your family, prioritizing domestic matters over work. See what you can do to make this happen.

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This is a week when you should start to see financial rewards for all of your recent hard work. The Mars-Neptune trine on Monday activates your money zone as well as your work zone, so keep pushing forwards and following your dreams.

Improved communication on Tuesday will help with getting what you want, boosted by the Sun/Mercury sextile to Saturn. Meanwhile, family backup is also strong, as mirrored by the Venus-Neptune sextile the same day. People really are on your side.

The Solar Eclipse on Saturday challenges you to keep an open mind about a controversial subject; try to avoid speaking out on topics where you don't really know much about the background. Use it as an opportunity to learn.


You've known for some time that you need to focus more on the joy in your life – Monday's Mars-Neptune trine will help you do just that. Your priority this week should be things that make you smile, laugh, feel alive and feel vibrant.

You may have the opportunity to do something special on Tuesday, when the Sun/Mercury sextile to Saturn gives a financial push, and the Venus-Neptune sextile hints at magical experiences. Say yes to whatever life offers.

The Solar Eclipse on Saturday occurs in your money zone and may hold some shocks and surprises if you have been reckless with your finances. Pay attention to your personal security around this time too, and don't take chances.


This is a very spiritual week for you, Sagittarius, and on Monday especially you will feel drawn to meditation, divination, psychic insights, mediumship and past life regression. As Mars trines Neptune, all of these things have much wisdom to offer you.

You'll want to learn too, and Tuesday's Sun/Mercury-Saturn sextile gives you the opportunity to do so. As Venus sextiles Neptune the same day, you may also find a way to earn money through your spiritual gifts, although you should be careful to maintain the highest of intentions.

The Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius on Saturday is a significant moment for you, and it speaks to your very identity and the way you choose to move forward in life. You have some important decisions to make.

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Friendships are set to be important this week, and you will especially love meeting new people who gel with you intellectually. When Mars trines Neptune on Monday, it's also a good time for meeting people who can work with you towards a common cause, whether that's political, charitable or local.

There's a spiritual element to your group interactions too, most likely on Tuesday when the Sun/Mercury-Saturn sextile shows how you share values with other like-minded souls and the Venus-Neptune sextile activates the spiritual elements of your identity.

It's perhaps unsurprising then that the Solar Eclipse on Saturday in your spiritual zone may mark a turning point in your spiritual understanding. Open your heart and mind to new possibilities.


Give your ambitions free reign this week, because the cosmic vibes are lining up to support your success. On Monday, the Mars-Neptune trine is very promising, particularly if you want to work in a creative or artistic field, or if financial rewards for your efforts have been a long time coming.

On Tuesday you should find that the Sun/Mercury-Saturn sextile provides strong support from friends or your work-based team and the Venus-Neptune sextile the same day highlights money coming in from an imaginative or unusual direction.

The Solar Eclipse, however, occurs in your community zone on Saturday. Try to blend your very reasonable desire for material success with your deeper humanitarian desire for a better society. How can you work towards both these goals? There is a way.


New experiences beckon this week if you can step out of your comfort zone. Look to the Mars-Neptune trine on Monday to provide you with the confidence you need. Anything involving travel or outdoor adventure will be particularly good at showing you what you can do.

Sextiles from the Sun/Mercury to Saturn and to Neptune from Venus also play their part on Tuesday, giving you support and encouragement from friends and loved ones and reminding you that you're much more capable than you think.

Indeed, the Solar Eclipse in your status zone on Saturday may bring about a mini-crisis of some kind that puts you in the spotlight – but this will serve to teach you that you are a strong, capable individual, who does not need to fear anything. Go for it!

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