6 Psychological Tricks Everyone Needs To Know

If you want people to take you seriously

If you want important information to stick with others, tell them that your father or mother taught you about it. People are naturally inclined to believe the advice or information that parents have to offer.

When you want others to agree with what you're saying

If you want others to agree with you, simply nod your head as you talk. Nodding indicates that whatever you're saying is genuine, and people tend to nod back as a general rule of behavioral social patterns.

When you want your kids to eat their vegetables

Instead of asking if they would like to eat vegetables, give them an option of more or less of that particular vegetable. That way, you've decided they're going to eat vegetables, but they feel as though they've had a hand in the decision-making by getting to choose how much of that vegetable to eat.

So, ask them if they want two pieces of broccoli, or five pieces.

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