Psychologists Say These Are The 7 Ways We Fall In Love With A Partner

For most people, finding your true love is something you dream about and wish for since early childhood. While we often think about our ideal partners and our fantasy wedding gowns, we tend to overlook the hard work that relationships truly take.

A long-term partnership can feel like a rocky road when it’s not nurtured properly. But, psychology says that by doing these seven things daily, you will always feel obnoxiously in-love.

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Communication Is Key

The secret to long-lasting love is good communication. Communicating your feelings with your partner and giving them the time and space to share their own does wonders for a healthy heart.

A man and woman walking hand in hand on a bridge.
Sangria Senorial / Unsplash
Sangria Senorial / Unsplash

When we communicate honestly and openly, there’s no room for passive-aggressiveness or anxious insecurities because you will always know what one another is thinking. Avoiding conflicts and unnecessary drama will leave more room for happiness to stay in love.

“Relationships grow stale generally because the couple avoids confronting the issue…” explains Psychotherapist Franklin Porter, Ph.D. says