Psychology Explains That Each Woman Identifies With A Greek Goddess Archetype, Which One Is In You?

When we were children, we were taught myths, fairy tales, and fables to teach us life lessons about the world around us. Well, it turns out that mythology and story arcs are common aspects in the work of famous psychologists.

Life imitates art, which is why films and books often represent the journey of human beings. According to psychology, you have more in common with mythology than you think. Find out which one reflects your personality and values.

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Archetypes In The Theories Of Carl Jung

The theories of psychologist Carl Jung have transcended from the early 20th century into modern day society. His belief in archetypes as behavioral patterns that exist within the collective minds of the human subconscious is a practice that modern-day therapists and psychoanalysts still use.

A woman standing in front of a Greek temple.
Arthur Yeti / Unsplash
Arthur Yeti / Unsplash

In her work, Jungian analyst Jean Shinoda Bolen explains that the energy of seven Greek Goddesses manifest in every woman, explaining why different types of females prioritize unique aspects of their life. Some women focus on love, while others value friendship, and others are career-focused. Based on your personality, this is the Goddess that you most follow: