Psychology Explains That Each Woman Identifies With A Greek Goddess Archetype, Which One Is In You?

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When we were children, we were taught myths, fairy tales, and fables to teach us life lessons about the world around us. Well, it turns out that mythology and story arcs are common aspects in the work of famous psychologists.

Life imitates art, which is why films and books often represent the journey of human beings. According to psychology, you have more in common with mythology than you think. Find out which one reflects your personality and values.

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Archetypes In The Theories Of Carl Jung

The theories of psychologist Carl Jung have transcended from the early 20th century into modern day society. His belief in archetypes as behavioral patterns that exist within the collective minds of the human subconscious is a practice that modern-day therapists and psychoanalysts still use.

A woman standing in front of a Greek temple.
Arthur Yeti / Unsplash
Arthur Yeti / Unsplash

In her work, Jungian analyst Jean Shinoda Bolen explains that the energy of seven Greek Goddesses manifest in every woman, explaining why different types of females prioritize unique aspects of their life. Some women focus on love, while others value friendship, and others are career-focused. Based on your personality, this is the Goddess that you most follow:

Athena: Goddess Of Wisdom

Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom, was known in the ancient world for her battle strategy, craftiness, and practical reason. She was born motherless and from the head of her father, Zeus, making her become an independent woman who connected more easily with men than women.

A statue of Athena holding a sword and armor.
Hert Niks / Unsplash
Hert Niks / Unsplash

Someone who has Athena active within her will be led by their head instead of their heart. An Athenian woman is a rational thinker who doesn’t get along well with people who are dreamers and have their heads in the clouds. If you’re interested in the technical aspects of work and find yourself having a hard time making female friends, you’re probably guided by Athena!

Artemis: Goddess Of The Hunt

Artemis, Goddess Of The Hunt, was the first woman to spark modern feminism. An example of this Goddess is Katniss from The Hunger Games: independent, courageous, and connected to the outdoors.

A woman with gold painted on her face and body.
Actionvance / Unsplash
Actionvance / Unsplash

An Artemis woman is one that goes against traditional norms and the expectations of society. She is someone who walks her own path and is less concerned with the opinions of others and more focused on what her heart truly wants. Her bravery and confidence can make a woman with an Artemis archetype experience difficulty with vulnerability and social connection. This type of woman often has a hard time cultivating fulfilling relationships and opening her heart up to love.

Hestia: Goddess Of The Hearth

Hestia, Goddess Of The Hearth and Temple, is a virgin Goddess who vowed to remain forever chaste. While not all women who identify with this archetype are non-sexual beings, they usually remain single for longer periods.

A woman laying on a temple stone wearing a white dress.
Frank Good / Pexels
Frank Good / Pexels

A Hestia woman is often introverted and lives in a world of her own. This archetype is extremely intuitive and often has strong morals and values. These women lead a slow and simple life, and often need to push themselves back into society before they accidentally self-isolate in their peace and meditation.

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Persephone: Goddess Of The Underworld

Persephone was known to be a vulnerable Goddess because of her close relationship with her mother, Demeter, and her abduction from Hades, who brought her to the underworld. A Persephone woman is someone who remains forever youthful and lives with the internal need to please others.

A woman wearing a white dress and sitting on a chair in the middle of the ocean.
Elia Pellegrini / Unsplash
Elia Pellegrini / Unsplash

This archetype identifies with someone who is often quiet, playful, and imaginative. She is known to be in-tune with peoples feelings and emotions, and believes it’s her purpose to help those around her heal. These women often attract manipulative partners, because their people-pleasing tendencies overpower their ability to be alone.

Demeter: Goddess Of Grain And Agriculture

Demeter, the mother of Persephone, is known for her maternal love and fertility to the earth. She is a mature, nurturing archetype with a solid connection to nature.

A woman in a white dress walking through a misty forest.
Arman Alcordo / Pexels
Arman Alcordo / Pexels

A Demeter woman will be kind, giving, and generous. She finds connecting with and caring for other women easy and presents herself as a supportive friend rather than a competitive one. She’s a “girl’s girl.” This archetype will often find themselves burned out because they focus too much on taking care of others instead of their own needs.

Hera: Goddess Of Marriage

Hera is a Goddess of women, marriage, and childbirth. So, it’s no surprise that a Hera woman is one that has always dreamed of the perfect wedding dress and takes pride in being a good wife and mother.

A woman in a forest reaching up towards the sky, petals blowing in the wind.
Arman Alcordo / Pexels
Arman Alcordo / Pexels

This archetype is exceptionally loyal and faithful, being a relationship-oriented individual. She feels incomplete without a partner but won’t settle for a man that won’t take her seriously. a Hera woman is passionate, and if she is betrayed, she will find a way to get revenge. Hera is the most jealous and emotional of the Greek Goddesses, but you can’t blame her when she has love on the brain.

Aphrodite: Goddess Of Love

Aphrodite is known as the Goddess of all things love, beauty, fertility, and sexuality. She is associated with lust, pleasure, and passion. This Goddess was a wife who was often found to be an unfaithful lover.

A statue of Aphrodite.
Tanya Pro / Unsplash
Tanya Pro / Unsplash

This archetype is found in extroverted, sensual, desirable, attractive women. They are physically beautiful but have a charm and charisma to them that draws in romantic suitors and a large circle of friends. An Aphrodite woman falls in love quickly and intensely, but her sexual drive often leads her to act impulsively, leaving her with big concequences and short-lived relationships.

Understanding Ourselves And Others

Dr. Bolen’s theories on the Goddess archetypes are useful ways for women to deeper understand themselves and the people in their lives. Each archetype can help explain why we act certain ways and guide us towards different patterns that can lead us to be the woman that we want to be.

A painting of a woman holding onto a naked man near a cherry blossom tree.
Birmingham Museums / Unsplash
Birmingham Museums / Unsplash

Like the practice of the ancient Greeks, we can channel Aphrodite when we’re feeling sensual or call on Demeter when we want to be more maternal. These psychological explanations of feminine personality types show us where our positive traits come from and where we have room for improvement. Which one are you?

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